10 Bathroom Storage Renovations & Upgrades

10 Bathroom Storage Renovations & Upgrades

Storage is an essential part of your bathroom. Keeping everything neat and organized is the best way to utilize and maintain a bathroom space. From towels and toilet paper to hair products and more, optimizing storage is key to an easy morning. Here are ten upgrades you can use for your bathroom designs in Montgomery County, PA.

  1. Stacking Shelves

Space is often at a premium in any bathroom. Shelves that stack make it easy to keep the items you need most in easy reach.

  1. Storage Caddy

A storage caddy is another way to have the items you need where you want them most. Create your own in the colors and textures you like best for a coordinated look.

  1. Under the Sink

Reaching under the sink is an easy way to find extra space. Add a series of small shelves inside this area. This is one way to store extra toiletries and other items when not in use.

  1. Use the Walls

The walls of your bathroom offer lots of places to hang up extra shelves. Designate a c corner of the bathroom to keep things like towels that make it easier to use your bathroom each day.

  1. Custom Drawers

Custom drawers are an ideal project for those who know how to work with wood. If you are not quite ready to take that next step, you can have someone else do it according to your specific design.

  1. Installing Hooks

Wall hooks are easy to attach to any part of the bathroom. This is an ideal place to keep items like bathrobes for the entire family when they are not in use. It’s also an ideal place to keep additional linens for any visitors.

  1. Ladder Shelving

An old wood ladder can easily be turned into your own storage space for the bathroom. Sand it in a single weekend. Then paint the item in the colors you like best and install it in one part of your bathroom.

  1. Toilet Paper Storage Basket

If you have lots of wooden baskets lying around and taking up space, now is the time to reuse them. Take a basket and put a wood dowel in the middle of the sides. That is one way to add a toilet paper holder to your bathroom that has lots of styles and plenty of panache.

  1. Metal Wire Shelving

Metal wire shelving is attractive and very easy to use. You can find lots of different types of metal wires as well as many premade designs. All you need to do is hang one up in a convenient part of the bathroom. This makes a good place to keep lots of little items so they don’t get lost.

  1. Drawers

If you have a bathroom with lots of narrow walls, use the walls to create a space for stackable drawers. The user of vertical space can easily add lots of much-needed space to your bathroom and make it far more functional.

Redoing an existing bathroom or adding a new bathroom is a very exciting process. Good Deal Remodeling can help with any kind of bathroom remodeling project you need.