remodeling trends for the dining room

10 popular remodeling trends for the dining room

An increasing trend in interior design is the creation of a dining space, even there is not much room available. The dining area is the perfect place for family meals and entertaining guests. Therefore, it can become one of the most challenging home remodeling projects, to set up a dining area, without overcrowding the available space. Here are some of the most important dining room trends of the last years.

1.The dining room table

Opt for oval or round dining room tables. They can help you save some space, while still offering a place for friends and family to come together and share a meal. Furthermore, a round or oval dining room table can add some much-needed round curves to the usually straight lines that we see in the kitchen area.

2.Space saving seating options

If you don’t have much space for chairs, that’s not a problem. One of the seating ideas that you can usually see in dining spaces arranged in the kitchen area is having a built-in seat of a banquette. The extra advantage of this type of seating is that you can also use the room beneath the banquette for storage. In addition, you can play with different fabrics and patterns when you want to change up a little the look of your dining room.

3.Use some elements from the living room

The dining room doesn’t necessarily have to be the space where you only eat. It can also double as a lounging area, especially if you decide to bring in a banquette. Just add some nice throw pillows and a warm blanket and it’s the perfect place to spend some time just relaxing with a good book or for other leisurely activities.

4.Dining spaces in closed terraces

If you don’t want to lose the connection with the outdoors and also benefit from more natural light, you can use a closed terrace to set up a table and some chairs there. If you have the advantage of a beautiful view, you can have so much more than just a boring dining experience. And if you do have a terrace and you haven’t decided what to do with the space, consider closing it, but make sure to have large windows.

5.Open floor plans

When you don’t have so much space available and you can’t benefit from the advantages of having separate rooms for the kitchen, the living room and the dining room, you can create spate spaces for each area, without having to divide them through walls. Just keep in mind to maintain a cohesive setup plan in terms of materials and color schemes used.

6.Minimalist design

Another great idea for smaller spaces is to opt for a minimalist design in terms of furniture, colors and decorations. For example, the Scandinavian style is perfect for small spaces, because you can use plenty of white and light colors as well as natural materials, creating crisp, clean lines. By integrating as much wood or other natural material as possible, the dining room will add warmth and brightness to your home.

7.Chandeliers for an elegant dining room

You don’t have to be afraid of installing a chandelier in the dining room, because there are plenty of modern designs now, that are not as bulky and over the top like the usual chandeliers that you see in fancy dining rooms. For example, a linear chandelier is perfect paired with a rectangular table, because it complements its proportions without taking up too much space. And we all know that having a chandelier adds a touch of elegance to any room.

8.Chairs with “personality”

You don’t have to necessarily have the same type of chairs in the dining room. By mixing and matching different styles together, you will create a space that has more personality. You can even add some armchairs in the mix, as long as they are not too large.

9.A distinctive sideboard

The dining room sideboard can easily become one of the focal points in the area, if you know what to choose. You can even go for bright colors or for a sideboard that has a nice patina finish; it’s all up to you. Although it’s primarily intended for storage purposes, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to place some nice décor items on top of it.

10.Rustic elements in the dining room

If the clean lines of the Scandinavian style are not appealing to you, another popular trend for the dining room area is to opt for rustic elements such as wooden tables and chairs, wood panels and hanging chandelier lights.

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