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10 trendy colors for the fall-winter season 2018 in interior renovations

Rich shades and dazzling pigments will inspire you this autumn-winter season if you plan a renovation project in your home. Color selections for this season are characterized by shades such as ripe orange, bold blue, bright red, bright yellow and light violet.

There are also some key neutral tones: dusty white, navy, cold gray and natural beige. These new trends in interior design have the power to upgrade any room in your home.

Here are a few ideas to apply these exciting trends to your own home, and with these 10 color ideas, it’s impossible to say that you won’t find enough inspiration.

1.Quetzal Green

It’s a shade of greenish blue, which the Pantone Institute calls Quetzal Green. This color is an excellent choice for rooms with modern décor or for any space where you want an atmosphere inspired by the current trends. You can simply add some accent items here and there, or even opt for furniture in this colors, for example, a couch or a couple of armchairs in the living room.

2.Martini Olive

It is a shade of brownish green that adds some earthy tones in any room. This color could easily be added to a room with rustic wood finishes. To maintain a modern air, it can be associated with black and gray.


Light yellow shades, such as Limelight, can easily come on too strong if used in excess. This greenish-yellow may be the focus of attention even if it’s used in small quantities. It only takes a pop of Limelight to make a bedroom seem brighter.

4.Ceylon Yellow

Ceylon Yellow is a spicier version of mustard yellow. This color accentuates the modern spaces and can create an exotic look. Pair it whit white caramel shades and wood and add black accents for a stylish look.

5.Crocus Petal

This lavender-purple color brings back some spring vibes to brighten up the mood. Crocus Petal is an excellent choice for adding a feminine touch to any room. It can also be sued in combinations, along with black and white. This color looks great on kitchen cabinets, especially, if you add some metal accents.

6.Nebulas Blue

Nothing compares to a blue couch that brings a touch of color and joy into a living room. Nebulas Blue is a bold color that fits into a classic-style living room and it’s beautifully complemented by dark-colored wood accents.

7.Valiant Poppy

Valiant Poppy is a bold red color that fits well with both a modern interior and a traditional one. It’s an excellent choice for adding a color accent to a room dominated by neutral tones. For example, some red chairs can become the point of attraction in the room, and the color contrasts nicely with dark wood and a white-plated wall.

8.Russet Orange

Light orange continues to gain popularity in this year’s trends, being a warm color, with lots of personality. This color helps you quickly create bold accents. Try to use the color for seat upholstery to give a warm atmosphere to your room.

9.Quiet Gray

This shade of light gray is the perfect partner for white flooring and any type of wooden floors. Being a timeless color, it easily creates a soothing atmosphere in any room.

Quiet Gray is also an excellent choice for walls, where you can place and display some interesting artworks or to install some shelves to exhibit your favorite decorative objects.

10.Almond Buff

Almond Buff is the classic beige or a beige-brown, to be more specific. It has the power to create a natural design that can be combined well with white, bold colors and wood finishes.

If you want to quickly add an item in this color in your home, but you don’t have the budget to do a big renovation, you could place a natural bamboo fiber carpet that will help you upgrade the room effortlessly.

These are the most popular colors selected by the Pantone Institute for the 2018 autumn-winter season, which you can easily integrate into your renovation project if you wish to do so.

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