2019 bathroom trends. Global developments or interior design tendencies?

Bath remodeling is not something we do on a regular basis, it probably takes about 15 years to follow such a purpose. And it takes a lot of thinking when the time has come. What are the trends and novelties for 2019?

International designers are definitely inventing and creating a variety of shower and bathroom appliances, which prove the importance of this aspect. However, the concept of the bathroom design is linked to the whole living space design arrangement, and its style is determined by the full idea. Whether you prefer a minimalist bathroom design for small urban studios or choose a luxurious design concept for large homes, with bathtubs, jacuzzi and large walk in showers, you must know that trends are influenced by global developments, technology and the evolution of society.

Lifestyle influences functional mergers

“Housing is becoming more hybrid. Private residences are moving more or less towards a studio loft design. Having separate spaces with very distinct functions is no longer viable. Functions overlap. We combine work and personal life. Everything is merging, and it’s affecting both the residential and hospitality scenes. It’s a collage world.”, said Werner Aisslinger, a famous German designer.

Designers today are concentrating on creating multifunctional spaces, accommodating small-scale-living with luxury and style, because the boost of world urbanization requires a lot of creative perspectives. This is how stylish modular systems are more and more fitted into remodeled homes, elegant daybed and poufs are introduced in versatile bathroom furniture.

With a boost of work-at-home jobs and also because of society’s aging population, people’s desire to spend as much at home increases. So the demand of home remodeling products and services. As bathroom is such an important room, it is the area where demand for products and services constantly goes up.

Technology and functionality over esthetics

As it is the space with a high usability for all members of the family, bathrooms need versatile and adaptable equipment, remodeling sector is expected to be shaped by functionality over esthetics. Safe and secure, of course also pleasing to the eye.

Technology brought sound systems, mood lighting, heated seats to nowadays bathrooms, fit for the whole family.  So, another key trend driving the bathroom remodeling industry forward is the increasing development of technology in every sector of life. As a result, consumers expect more from their bathroom, more than just a one-purpose functional product. This includes a wide range of optional extras for various products: walk-in bathrooms, air spas, chromotherapy light systems, bluetooth sound, heated seats, shower screens.

Thus, the 2019 international design scene shows an ascention of multifunctionality and an increase of technologies in bathroom’s designs, high-tech toilets, wall-mounted phone and TV screen, creating more than expressive bathroom decors, but innovative conceptions.

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