2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

2023 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

It’s no secret that bathroom design concepts are constantly evolving. Perhaps you are brainstorming ways to start a remodeling project. Whether you are looking for a stylish design or an affordable addition, here is a look at the latest bathroom remodeling trends.

System Upgrades

System upgrades are among the most common remodeling bathroom trends. Many homeowners have installed water heaters and ventilation fans over the last year. Other homeowners have opted to change their bathroom layout or adjust the walls. Perhaps you are thinking of increasing your shower length. If you are dreaming of a shower remodel in South Jersey with a system upgrade, contact Good Deal Remodeling.

Shower Enhancements

Real estate analysts continuously note the importance of having an appealing shower set up in the bathroom. Shower enhancements are a great way to increase the value of your home. In addition to major shower enhancements, homeowners are also replacing their faucets and sinks. Affordable projects such as repainting the bathroom walls or installing lighting fixtures also provide a lot of value.

Some homeowners opt to get rid of their bathtub during the bathroom remodeling project. Removing your bathtub opens up space for you to enlarge the shower area. Good Deal Remodeling will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Back To The Basics

You may be surprised to learn that some homeowners are not focusing on installing innovative concepts and are instead opting to use a traditional style. The traditional style includes classic looks with a touch of modern style. There is a lot of value in incorporating classic and modern styles together. Homeowners are mixing whites, reds, blues, and other colors. Contemporary patterns are also in high demand. Some homeowners are using their bathroom remodeling projects to highlight their switch to minimalism.

Vanity projects

Another recent bathroom remodeling trend is that many homeowners are now choosing to upgrade their cabinets. Wood finishes are in high demand. White countertops are still popular, though many homeowners are also installing custom drawers and electrical outlets. If you are feeling bold, consider installing a gray, black, or green color scheme for your remodeling project.

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