problems in small bathrooms

3 common problems in small bathrooms and how to solve them

When it comes to problems, even a large bathroom can turn into a small bathroom. Because we know that regardless of whether you live in a house with generous space or in a smaller house, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house.

In addition, as time passes by, the entire house tends to become more crowded and become less spacious and airy. That’s why you should consider some of the most common problems of small bathrooms and find efficient solutions to help you solve them.

1.Functionality and space optimization in small bathrooms

Even if you limit yourself to what is strictly necessary when setting up your bathroom, you may realize that space is insufficient and you will find yourself in the situation of having to find quick solutions or make major compromises.

Because concessions should be the backup plan, you can focus on existing solutions on the market and on using them together in the most ingenious and functional combinations.

Such an idea is the use of a footless bathroom sink that occupies a minimum space and the use of the area thus left free to place a cabinet. And for very narrow bathrooms, you can even consider installing a narrow sink.

Not only will you have more storage space, but the ensemble will look great and give your baths a modern and minimalist look.

2.Having privacy in the bathroom

If you don’t live alone and your house has only one bathroom, you know how unpleasant the morning can become due to lack of intimacy. Of course, setting a bathroom schedule can be a solution, but it also does not cover situations where the schedule can’t be respected.

That’s why a semi-opaque shower cabin might be helpful. In addition, if you’re inspired to choose a foldable or pivoting door for your shower cabin, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the space you need for that, and you can easily install a partition to make sure you have enough privacy in the bathroom.

3.Storage spaces in small bathrooms

There are plenty of things you want to store in your bathroom, from cosmetics and personal care products, to towels and home cleaning solutions. Therefore, the importance of cabinets and storage spaces should not be ignored or minimized.

In short, here are some details to be aware of when you want to remodel or renovate your bathroom, details that will help you take advantage of the space you have available:

Open shelves are ingenious and can be mounted in a corner, so you can take full advantage of large horizontal surfaces within the space available.

Suspended cabinets, regardless if installed high or low on the walls, exist in both standard and narrow variants, perfect for bathrooms with the same features; in addition, you also have the option of having cabinets covered with mirrors so you don’t have to make some extra room to have a bathroom mirror.

Small sinks usually come with hanging bases that you can use to store various things in the bathroom. Besides, you can also opt for narrow countertops and storage boxes specially designed for your needs.

With such allies, you will have all the things you need in the bathroom at hand and you will not make any major compromises. In addition, the minimalist and modern style that characterizes them, as well as the palette of colors available, make this room look brighter, more spacious and more airy.

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