modern attic renovation

3 ideas for a modern attic renovation

A house with an attic is the ideal home for many of us, but once you have it, it’s difficult to make a decision about how to renovate it. The space is so generous that it can be quite difficult to make a decision about a functional renovation. Here are some interesting and creative ideas to create in the attic any kind of room you want.

1.A bedroom in the attic

An attic bedroom is definitely an atypical one. That does not mean, however, that it’s not comfortable. Imagine that you wake up every morning looking at the clear sky and clouds and that every evening you will see the sky full of stars right above you. Moreover, a loft-style bedroom offers enough room for a dressing and keeps you away from any street noise.

Install more windows to get the full advantage of natural light and to have a charming view at every moment of the day. You should also take into account the fact that in the attic the ventilation is difficult because the illuminators do not allow the installation of insect nets, so you will need an air conditioner installed in this room.

2.A living room in the attic

Usually the living room is arranged on the ground floor of the house, but it can be at least as welcoming in the attic. You have plenty of space for all guests and the possibility to choose any style you want; especially since most of the time the attic has an area equal to the ground floor.

Pay attention to lighting fixtures. In a loft, a ceiling is not enough, as the space will look dark. Opt for more bright spots and place at least two light sources or chandeliers in the ceiling. You can also use lampposts to place either in the corners of the room or next to the couch.

3.A recreation room in the attic

A library and a reading space, a TV and some video games, even a foosball and a dart board or a small fridge for soft drinks – you can place all this in the attic to create a recreation space which has little something for everyone. The attic is the room of a home that allows you to relax and daydream, so it’s perfect to become a space where you can escape from the daily noises.

Try to maintain a coherence of styles. Often the passions of family members vary, so it’s hard to integrate in the attic the passion for reading with the one for sports, for example. However, if you opt for furniture from the same style area, you can include the hobbies of each member of the family in one room.

The room from the attic can become the most appealing one in the entire house. Attics have a special charm, which no other room in a home has, and if you are among the lucky ones living in a house with a spacious attic, it’s worth investing time and energy into an attic renovation. In the end, you will get a space with its own personality and an extra room in your house.

Tips for a successful attic renovation

  • Put a ceiling fan for better climate control: If you have free space, a fan will make for a more comfortable attic in warmer months, giving you a cool in-air vent.
  • Cover the floors: Attic activities can cause a lot of noise in the lower rooms. Therefore, it would be advisable to fill the gaps between floors and to put a carpet over the floor. Either choose a carpet that you put over the entire room surface, or choose a rug to place it in the most used place.
  • Use every corner for storage: perimeter drawers and cabinets save space when installed on the attic walls. Even awkward niches – along with chimneys or close to low walls – provide an opportunity for installing open shelves.
  • If you install a new bathroom, place it above a bathroom or a kitchen below: Reduce the distance between new and existing sanitary facilities to reduce costs and limit wall damage as the pipes are installed. You can sometimes create new connections with old ones, but it is often preferable to run the drainage lines underground for optimum water pressure and adequate sewage venting.

These are just some of the tips you should consider for an attic renovation, but it all comes down to the type of renovation work you need to get done. If you plan an attic renovation, a kitchen remodeling, if you want to remodel your bathroom or you have other home remodeling projects in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Good Deal Remodeling, as our goal is to help you create the home of your dreams!