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5 amazing ideas for bedroom renovations

The bedroom – the room where we retreat to relax and we get up every morning – it must be designed so that we are able to enjoy some comfort and entertain us at the same time. Fortunately, the trends of 2016 in the bedroom renovations help us transform this room in the most relaxing place in the house.

From year to year, the trend of going back to nature where everything is simple, natural and so familiar is very important when it comes to bedroom renovations. 2016 comes to reinforce this trend and in renovating bedrooms, decor items which must be found in nature, with delicate colors, and bold decorative elements. Here are the main trends of this year in renovating the bedroom and you can use these ideas to renovate your bedroom and turn it into the perfect relaxation area.

1.The Scandinavian style in bedroom renovations

One of the most popular styles in renovations in recent years is undoubtedly the Scandinavian style. So if you don’t know what style to choose for your bedroom, you can have a décor inspired from the homes in the Nordic countries. Due to the color palette and elements used in their arrangement, they transmit a feeling of peace and quiet. And isn’t that what we all want from a bedroom?

The Scandinavian style is a good choice especially in arranging small bedrooms that don’t have much natural light. This is mainly due to the white shades widely used by the Norse. Scandinavian interior can have the ceiling, walls and floor all colored in white. And you will not go wrong with anything if you choose white finishes with furniture in the same color. Do not be afraid that you will find the completed bedroom too boring, because you will animate it with small accessories and textiles specific to the wonderful Nordic style. Anyway, the basic idea is its simplicity, and this is one of the trends of 2016. So don’t worry about the appearance of your bedroom if you don’t opt for bold or vibrant colors.

2.Decorative wallpaper for bedroom renovations

You may have noticed that among the trends of recent years was also the return to the forefront of wallpaper, a decorative finish that experienced fame several decades ago, but has entered into obscurity toward the end of the last century.

If wallpaper is something you’ve been thinking about for a while and you have found a suitable context to bring it into your home, take advantage of the trends this year and decorate your bedroom with decorative wallpaper. Specialists in interior design urge us to choose simple models, but especially those with various types of printing; those inspired by nature (flowers, trees, birds etc.) occupying leading positions in the top of trendy wallpaper patterns.

3.Wood – a material for modern bedroom renovations

Like we said before, trends this year lead us to resume our relationship with nature. And what element represents it better than wood? Bring in to your bedroom at least one piece of furniture made of wood color in a more raw, natural color and you will change the entire appearance of your bedroom.

If you find it hard to give up the furniture that you have already (though it is made of other materials), you can decorate your bedroom with wood in another way: wooden walls, parquet flooring that mimics perfectly hardwood or wooden boards. Do you know how spectacular this finish will look? It will add warmth to your bedroom and an unique appearance.

4.Emphasize on headboards

One element that will help you decorate your bedroom into a unique way is the headboard. Don’t opt for ordinary boards, which most beds we can find through furniture stores come equipped with and certainly don’t opt for melamine headboards, having a simple, common design. Choose a headboard that is impressive and spectacular in shape, size, color and design.

Most furniture stores sell individual headboards, so you can have your pick. Such a headboard can be attached to a standard bed, radically changing its appearance. You can also opt for a headboard made from natural wood, painted in bold colors or a padded headboard.

5.The bedroom – a multifunctional space

Unleash your creativity and imagination to renovate your bedroom! Don’t limit yourself strictly to specific pieces of furniture for this room, but mix them with others that could help you transform your bedroom into a multifunctional space. For instance, if the available space allows it, you can bring in an office setting and even a library, so you can work or read quietly, away from rooms where other family members gather.

If one of the bathrooms is connected with the bedroom, you can take into account the cancellation of the wall separating the two rooms, having a bathroom open to the bedroom, as you can see in many sumptuous homes in movies or in all kinds of interior design and decoration magazines. It must be stressed however, that this arrangement in open plan involves increased attention and planning: the two spaces that will basically become one room must be decorated with assorted furniture, finishes and accessories to form a coherent whole.

This are just some of the ideas that you can use to renovate your bedroom, but you can easily plan your own bedroom renovation projects. We, at Good Deal Remodeling make it our purpose to ensure all our customers’ satisfaction. You just think about what you would like and we will provide the best solutions for your home renovation project. Furthermore, you can request a free estimate to help you make the best decision.