5 Details to Make the Perfect Guest Bath

5 Details to Make the Perfect Guest Bath

When you have guests stay at your home, you want to make them feel comfortable. You likely also want to impress them. There are a few certain details that you can include in your guest bath design to accomplish these goals. Here are five of them.

1. Brighten The Bathroom Up

Bathrooms with little light feel oppressive and depressing. That’s not a feeling you want to give to your guests. You can easily lighten it up by using off-white colors on the wall. You can even elect for blusher shades like peach or rose.

If the bathroom has a window in it, then you should think about opening it to let in natural light. If the window opens out on the next-door neighbor’s, then you can always add an opaque, but light, shade to give them privacy without sacrificing the natural light.

2. Stack the Bathroom with Towels

It doesn’t matter if your guests use all of them or not. Having high-quality towels is a way to impress your guests and make them feel comfortable. However, the quality of those towels is important. No one wants to run a towel that feels like sandpaper across their skin.

The towels should also be located in convenient areas. That might mean a shelf needs to be built into the wall or a cupboard needs to be moved into the bathroom. The best bathroom design in Philadelphia is one that promotes convenience and space.

3. Provide Toiletries

You can’t always count on guests to bring their own toothbrushes or toothpaste. Toiletries are often forgotten when they pack to visit. You can cover their mistake by filling your bathroom with toiletries. You can find several travel-size products that should serve their needs during their stay.

4. Add Flowers and Plants

If you want to bring some natural goodness to your bathroom, then you need to have a place for flowers and other household plants to grow. They can add some color to your bathroom without overdoing it. Their fresh scent can also take away bathroom odors.

5. Add Storage Space

There’s never enough room in a bathroom. Even your guest bathroom may have problems. A simple renovation can add some shelving units, cupboards, and even cabinets that can hold all of your bathroom essentials.

Start Remodeling Your Guest Bath Today

With a little bit of thought and remodeling, your guest bathroom could become the favorite bathroom in the whole house. Consider these five details and call Good Deal Remodeling when you’re ready to transform your guest bath.