Remodeling ideas 2017

5 remodeling rules you should break

When the annual trends in interior design are launched, you should find out what rules should you follow to have a more contemporary interior. But for now let’s focus on a different approach: 5 remodeling rules that can be broken in 2017 so you still have a house in tune with the latest trends in design.

You will find that the coming year is more tolerant in interior design. You will discover that by now you can dare to match gold with silver elements, that a small space can be equipped with oversized furniture or that dark tones can be used in decorating a small room, contrary to the rules we have learned so far, or that tiles can be used in other rooms of a home, not just in the kitchen and the bathroom, as you thought.

  1. In small spaces, you can only use light colors

We all know that to prevent a visual decrease of a small space, it’s advisable to get it finished and decorated in light colors. This is one of the basic rules of interior renovations. In 2017, however, this rule can be forgotten, so those who love dark colors and are owners of small houses, can see this dream come true and finish their homes in dark colors, without worrying that it violates one of the well- established rules in design.

Of course this does not mean to paint in black all the walls of a room, but that in the coming year, colors like chocolate brown, intense navy blue, anthracite gray, dark green or even black can be used to highlight an area of a room: painting a wall or using a decorative dark wallpaper, using an oversized painting, a dramatic color palette, everything is allowed.

  1. Large furniture only in spacious rooms

This rule is one that you can also forget about. From now on, dare to equip a small living room, with a huge sofa, for example. It’s true that in this way you will considerably decrease the already small room space, but it’s also equally true that you can get more friends to visit. Some designers even say that a large piece of furniture can create the illusion of visually enlarged small space around it, with the condition that there are no small items around it that create a visual disproportion.

So if you decide to bring a large sofa in a small living room, you would have to build the entire decor around this piece, which will become the main focus of the room. All other items must have a neutral color that does not stand out, but to complement the decor discreetly.

  1. Tiles can only be used in the bathroom, kitchen and the hallway

At least this is the misconception that most homeowners have. Next year, breaking this unwritten rule is allowed and even encouraged. Especially the profile market abounds with beautiful patterns of tiles so that’s a shame not to use them in other rooms of your home. Of course, unlike flooring, tiles have a cool finish, but if there is the possibility of installing an under floor heating system, breaking this rule will prove to be a real blessing. Ceramic tiles preserve the heat well and the floor becomes warm and very pleasant on the eye.

  1. Using several types of wood and many metals in the same decor

When in the bedroom there is a bed of walnut wood, the cabinet or bedside tables must be of exactly the same kind of wood, to look good. At least it sounds fine until now. Starting next year, this rule can be broken and the interior can become attractive just by combining several different essences of wood or by joining several items made of different colored metals. For example, a wall in the hallway or in any other room of the house can be decorated using two mirrors in gold frames and a mirror in a silver frame.

  1. The kitchen should be less visible

It’s true that this rule was in order rather a few decades ago and that now the trend is toward kitchens in an open plan, but some designers not only encourages kitchens with open space, but they also consider that the kitchen should be the “heart of the home”. Therefore, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, make sure it becomes the most visible place in the house and equip it with finishes, furnishings and accessories that will strengthen its role in receiving and entertaining guests.

As you can see, it goes to show that rules are meant to be broken and that everything is possible as long as you’re happy with the end result. No matter what your plans are, if you intend to have an extensive home remodeling project, to renovate your kitchen or your bathroom, Good Deal Remodeling is here to help you. You can contact us to tell us about your remodeling plans and we will make sure to offer you the best solutions through our remodeling services.