kitchen renovation ideas

6 factors to consider for a kitchen renovation

If you’re bored of your old kitchen, no need to throw money left or right, just think about how you want your new kitchen to look like and replace or upgrade the things that bother you most.

Factors that need to be considered for a kitchen renovation:

  • The available space
  • Light orientation
  • The connection with adjacent rooms
  • Your personal style
  • The available budget
  • The condition od the rest of your home

Renovating small kitchens

Most affected by the small size and narrow kitchens are primarily those who love to cook and entertain their guests, concerned with storing all dishes and utensils for cooking.

Small kitchens seem inhospitable and less practical. However, there are many ways that you can create the impression of wide, bright, space. In order to achieve this, you must consider the light, the colors, the finishes and everything else.

The type of furniture and how it’s placed contributes greatly to the creation of a spacious kitchen or a cramped one. It is advisable to opt for a furniture with fewer suspended cabinets, if the kitchen is small and narrow.

Opt for folding chairs and tables, because they occupy less space and can be extended only when necessary. Either way, simpler chairs are always a better option, because it’s easier to integrate them with your style.

Use color wisely

Colors contribute significantly to the perception of space, making it seem wide and airy, or cluttered and dark. Therefore, a ceiling painted in white it’s very common for the kitchen, because the white space helps amplify the feeling that the room is larger.

If your kitchen is lacking in natural light, because of the room’s orientation or because you don’t have enough windows, dark colors will only make the kitchen appear even darker. Light, pastel colors are very trendy now, colors like mint green, baby blue or bright yellow being a great option for the kitchen.

Make sure you have enough light

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light, because of the room’s orientation or because you don’t have enough windows, make sure you have plenty of artificial light. You can mix and match various lighting fixtures, depending on their purpose.

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough light and you don’t have much space either, you can opt for various lighting fixtures incorporated in cabinets or shelves.

Choosing the right kitchen furniture

To save some space, consider masked appliances in the furniture. If this option is not possible for all the appliances, at least opt for a masked oven and an electric hob.

In small kitchens, you can opt for furniture that integrates well all appliances and dishes. Thus, the space will seem airy and tidy. In addition, light colors are very helpful in this situation.

Small kitchens have several drawbacks, but some of them can be fixed through a clever arrangement. Moreover, you can make substantial changes during a simple kitchen renovation, to create the impression of a wide and airy space.

Integrate the new kitchen into your home

If you knock down a wall totally or partially, you will obtain a magnification effect of the space. The wall in question may be one that separates the kitchen from the living room or from a hallway, and you can have a modern, open kitchen, to combine the space where you make all the preparations with the entertainment area.

For such works, to seek a reliable contractor, as the demolition of a wall may affect the structure of your home and you don’t want to risk your safety.

Planning and budget

As much as you want to make that kitchen renovation, you’ve been thinking about for so long, be realistic and plan everything according to the budget you have. Keep in mind that you should always be prepared for situations in which something goes wrong and you have to buy new materials or more expensive materials than it was originally planned.

That’s why it’s best to work with an experienced contractor, who is able to offer you a correct estimate and help you plan your budget for the renovation.

Therefore, you can opt for the services offered by Good Deal Remodeling, regardless of budget or complexity renovation project. Our team has extensive experience in renovations, especially in kitchen renovations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.