outdated remodeling trends

8 outdated remodeling trends

Trends that we found in the last few years in remodeling are beginning to be overshadowed by new ones.  Whether for reasons of efficiency, cost, or excessive marketing, there are trends that have been rarely integrated into remodeling projects recently, so we could say that they are considered already outdated. Here are some of these outdated remodeling trends.

1.Eco-friendly trends

Eco or eco-friendly has been one of the most popular remodeling trends in recent years, culminating in choosing as the color of 2017, a brighter green called Greenery. In many projects home owners integrated vegetal inserts, tropical prints, organic materials, or green shades that fit into the theme of nature. Although, in essence, environmental protection should be a constant care during our actions, with implications in interior design as well, excess leads us to saturation, which inevitably means a decay of that trend. There is nothing wrong with having plants in the house, but there should be a balance between trendy materials and functionality.

2.Bamboo items

In direct connection with the aforementioned, one of the most fashionable materials in this eco-friendly trend is bamboo. However, over the years bamboo has been replaced for reasons related to cost and maintenance. Bamboo is an expensive material, especially for flooring. In addition, the sensitivity to direct light, humidity and temperature fluctuations do not make it a favorite among many home owners. There are viable, resilient and cost-effective options that can easily substitute bamboo. The solution lies in finding those that affect the environment as little as possible through the manufacturing process. The discussion remains open, as do the choices you can make for your own home.

3.Tropical-themed wallpaper

It seems that the attachment to the tropical print wallpaper (especially for palm leaf motifs) is in decline. Excessive exposure leads to saturation. Sure, tropical wallpaper is very nice for a vacation house or for a beach house, but you can easily get bored with bright palm leaves in your living room or in the bedroom.

4.Natural stone countertops

Granite or even marble are two materials with high purchase costs and requiring specific care. Home owners have focused on composite materials that do their job well and look good in any kitchen. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful marble countertop in the kitchen, but you must be aware of the fact that you will need to give special attention to its maintenance if you don’t want to have to replace it sooner rather than later.

5.Open shelves

We remain in the kitchen and stop at open shelves or, better, on open storage overall. Trendy or not, nobody likes to clean so often glasses, cups, mugs or other item exposed on shelves, even it seems to be such an easy way to add some extra storage space in the kitchen. In addition, it creates the impression of clutter if you’re not a very organized person. Placed in the cabinets, kitchen item will be protected from dust, and the kitchen will look more organized, which is particularly important in small and narrow spaces.

6.DIY storage projects

We refer here especially to those projects that you do yourself with what you have at hand or with objects that you re-use for a new purpose. Nothing wrong here, just that, aesthetically speaking, they don’t always turn all right for your interior, especially in visible places. There is a large selection today for storage, so you can choose whatever you like for the kitchen, the bathroom, or any other room in your home. Basically, if you’re not particularly crafty and have some experience with DIY, this type of projects are better left out for a remodeling project.

7.Furniture made from pallets

Somewhat related to the DIY trend, we still see recommendations for such furniture made of pallets, either  for outdoor sofas, tables or even beds. What you need to know is that not any pallets are suitable for being turned into furniture. We recommend such an approach only if you live in a loft or in a space you want furnished in an industrial style. In any other décor, furniture made from pallets simply doesn’t find its place.

8.The patchwork style

Surely opinions are divided in this case. There are still many rooms with such decorative plates, either in the kitchen, in the hallway or in the bathroom. It all comes down to your personal preference. What is to be considered is the visual tolerance for patchwork. Will you still like it in one, two or three years? Can you easily replace it?

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