renovate your basement

8 simple ideas to renovate your basement

Traditionally, basements have been used to store food and wine. Low temperatures in these underground rooms made it possible to better conserve food products in times when there was no refrigeration.

It was not until the 1950s that the basements of the houses started to be used as living quarters in the US.  Since then, greater importance has been given to the design of these rooms.

Renovation works needed for the basement

The foundation of a basement can be relatively close to a groundwater, so it is very important to isolate the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the room, against moisture. The most commonly recommended waterproofing materials are the different types of bituminous membranes available on the market.

If the entrance to the basement is made from the outside, it is best to choose an insulating door. If you choose to build a basement, the windows will also have to be insulated.

For floor finishing, stone is the most recommended material, but the sandstone is an equally good choice. Because of the high risk of moisture infiltration, you must avoid carpets in this area.

At this stage, it is very important to decide what constant temperature you want in the basement to determine if you need ventilation or a particular air conditioning system.

How to turn the basement into a wine cellar?

The wine cellar can’t be missing from your home if you want to start a wine collection or even if you just want a place to store your drinks better.

A wine cellar requires either a rustic style or an elegant style, but the most important elements are the shelves to display wine bottles.

In the case of a traditional wine cellar, you can complete the decor with rustic elements such as barrels, wooden beams or even an old chandelier (if the height allows it). Stone is the best solution for flooring, and for walls you can use stone, brick or wood. If you choose the last option, make sure the wood used is properly treated against moisture.

In setting up a modern wine cellar you have more freedom because you do not have to try to visually reproduce an old style. For walls, you can only use white washable paint or a warm color and you can illuminate glass shelves with spotlights embedded in the ceiling. If you want to highlight a particular area, you can use light bulbs of different intensities.

Regardless of the style chosen, don’t forget to arrange a small relaxation area, where you can have a glass of wine with friends or where to organize a wine tasting. You will not need more than one table and some chairs (or maybe a couch and an armchair, for added comfort).

How to turn the basement into a bar?

If you are not necessarily passionate about wine, you can arrange a bar in the space you have at your disposal. Again, wood is a very important element in decoration, so the paneling is the best option for wall finishing.

On the wall behind the bar, you will place your drinks on sight, on suspended shelves. Also on that wall, we recommend putting a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space.

Beyond the bar, you have to create a space not only for relaxation but also for activity. If your budget and space allow you, you can install a billiard table here. If not, a board of darts on one of the walls will be enough to recreate an authentic bar atmosphere and will give you an extra reason to spend more time with friends in this room.

How to turn the basement into a pantry?

A pantry is a useful space for anyone who wants to shorten their shopping time. Here you can store supplies that are don’t go bad easily, but also spices, oil bottles, beverages, etc.

A low temperature will help keep some foods fresh for longer, but make sure you leave them as close as possible to the entrance, so you don’t forget about them.

As furniture, you will need many high shelves, either as separate pieces of furniture or in the form of suspended shelves. To save even more space, use corner shelves or build shelves directly on to the wall.

How to turn the basement into a workshop?

In order not to crowd the garage too much, you can arrange a working space in the basement. Again, you will need many shelves for tools of all kinds, but also a work table. Alternatively, you can use hanging panels with supports to better organize your gear.

As for finishes, you can use brick. Being a working room, you will need to use white or cold light. If you have a working area, you will need either a strong lamp or you can mount some LEDs directly into the wall, above the table.

How to turn the basement into a fitness room?

The basement can be an ideal place for a small fitness room. As a decor, one of the walls will have to be fully covered by a large mirror. The light should be white, strong and it should come from above.

Being a fitness room, the room temperature will be very important, so you will need an air conditioning system. To enhance the feeling of comfort, you can finish the flooring with hardwood, but make sure the waterproofing is done as efficiently as possible.

After renovating the basement, you only have to invest in fitness machines and equipment.

How to turn the basement into a gaming room?

Every child dreams of having such a room. Even if you do it for your child or for you, a basement full of games and toys will be like a small corner of relaxation.

Of course, in the era in which we live in, in a gaming room, there should be a big TV, a video game console, and perhaps a good sound system. Incorporate in the room the outlets you need, and an internet cable outlet (it’s not recommended to rely on Wi-Fi in basements).

You’ll need some high shelves to store a collection of games, but also movies. It’s recommended that you have a comfortable couch so you can play with your friends.

But don’t ignore the possibility of a room with more “traditional” games. A ping-pong, billiard or foosball table will give you fun for hours. You can purchase an extensible table for long board games and you can use racks and shelves to fill them with toys, games and everything else you might need.

How to turn the basement into a home office?

Perhaps it sounds weird to arrange an office in the basement, but if you try, you will get a working intimate space with a minimal investment. You will need office furniture, shelves, sockets, and internet access.

A couch and a coffee table for work breaks will also be useful. To enhance your comfort during work, you should install some hardwood flooring.

How to turn the basement into a living room?

In a basement that is spacious enough, you can recreate the authentic comfort of a living room at ground level. You can use both hardwood and matte tile. In the case of tiles, you will have to choose warm colors and, if you want more comfort, place a carpet in the couch area.

A coffee table, an armchair or two and a TV set are mandatory accessories. You can even integrate a home cinema system for movie evenings with friends or family.

As long as the space is well insulated and equipped with the appropriate electrical installations, the basement can be transformed to your liking. You can use it as a painting room, a photo studio, as a small cinema room or even as a bedroom.

The feeling of intimacy that you have in the basement is stronger than the one you have in other rooms. Use our advice and imagination to create a space where you really feel at ease. If you plan to remodel your basement or any other type of remodeling project, the Good Remodeling team is here to help. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.