brick finishing material

Brick, a timeless finishing material in interior remodeling

Brick is a durable building material used in many modern homes. As a finishing material, it creates an intense but pleasant and warm feeling.

Depending on the color and the way it is combined with other materials, brick can work with a rustic, traditional, industrial or modern design. Brick imitations are used mainly in modern interiors, but only for decorative purposes.

There are several shades of brick, ranging from various colors of white or red to dark brown. Red brick, for example, creates a warm atmosphere and induces a sense of peace.

White brick and light colors, especially used in small rooms or in the entrance hall (when there is no natural light), provide brightness and a colorful look. Also, brick looks interesting in modern-style homes or in homes decorated using an industrial style.

Brick can be combined with other finishing materials in any room: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway or bathroom. Typically, a single wall is used as an accent wall, the other walls being finished with other materials.

Apparent brick for stylish interiors

Although it can be successfully integrated in almost any style, brick has a more decorative effect especially in rustic interiors. By joining pieces in different shades of the same color, you can get a very nice look.

Finishing walls with this material also has a number of technical advantages. Firstly, apparent brick is extremely reliable; this is why the surface that is being coated doesn’t require impregnation with a protective product.

Second, it protects the wall against moisture. For its application the same adhesive is used as in the case of tile. In the finishing process, the quality of the supporting surface is of particular importance. If the wall is uneven, then it needs a glue correction.

Other features that recommend this type of finishing material are: flexibility, easy fitting, durability, easy maintenance.

Apparent brick, a suitable finish material for the kitchen

Whether you choose natural stone or brick, it will add value to your interior. However, given that natural stone is harder to buy and also more expensive, apparent brick is the ideal solution.

This finish is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures and patterns, suitable for integration in a rustic, traditional or industrial style.

If you have decided to opt for brick, you have to keep in mind the color and design of the kitchen furniture or vice versa, depending on what you first purchased.

Because such a finish can become “too much” at some point, the best option is to apply the brick only on one of the kitchen walls, leaving the rest of the walls to “breathe” with white or cream wall paint.

Moreover, brick can be “combined” with other finishing materials such as wood. These are two types of finishing materials that, put together, create a welcoming atmosphere similar to a country house or a mountain cabin.

Ways to integrate brick into home remodeling projects

You can maintain the rustic appearance for your home and invite your guests in an inviting, personalized setting that can always make them think about a mountain vacation. For a more romantic setting, you can pair a brick wall with a wooden ceiling.

For a more contemporary look, you can paint the brick in a warm color. The texture of the walls will be preserved, but you can play more with the colors you use to decorate your home.

Maybe a little too daring but with a strong visual impact is a brick wall in the bedroom. You won’t believe it, but it will create a comfortable and welcoming room.

Of course, a brick wall is also a good idea for the living room. You can create extraordinary contrasts, this being the main focus of the room, where the TV can also be positioned.

Last but not least, the bathroom is an excellent space that you can decorate with brick walls. Use only a wall of this type and for the rest keep light colors in order to not create the illusion of small space. The combination of wood and wrought iron is also amazing.

These are just some ideas on how to use brick for interior remodeling projects, but it all depends on what you want to accomplish in your home, the budget you have at your disposal and how much time you can dedicate for the remodeling.  If you plan a kitchen remodeling, if you want to remodel your bathroom or you have other home remodeling project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Good Deal Remodeling, as our goal is to help you create the home of your dreams!