Classic kitchen renovation with modern elements

Eco-friendly Design Solutions for Your Kitchen

If having an eco-friendly home is important to you, then you can ask us to help you make it better. When starting your kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia, you will want to use all the best, most eco-friendly designs in it, so you will feel good about the impact you are making on the earth. An eco-friendly kitchen can make a great-looking kitchen, and you will like what we can do in it.

Use Random Wood for A Beautiful Look

Scrap wood is a great way to add something beautiful to the kitchen design. It can be put on the wall as shelves or used in another creative way. By incorporating wood scraps that no one else wants into the design, you will be doing a good thing for the environment even while putting beautiful, high-quality hardwood in the kitchen.

Build A Space for Recycling

If you want to do more recycling, but you never had room for it in the way your kitchen was designed before, then have a specific space set aside for the recycling. A cabinet or a small closet can be built just for it. You will never forget to recycle again when you have that built, and it will be one of the design features that will help you to keep doing something good for the earth.

Consider Using Bamboo

Using random pieces of scrap wood is good, but so is using bamboo. You can get bamboo flooring, bamboo backsplashes or more. This type of wood grows very fast and that is one of the reasons it is a good choice of wood. Bamboo is beautiful and can be a great part of the kitchen design.

Get the Right Appliances and Lighting

Two of the things you might want to replace when renovating your kitchen are the appliances and lighting. Get energy-efficient appliances and fluorescent lighting to cut down on the amount of electricity you are using. For your fridge, consider one that is stacked with the freezer instead of side-by-side because that kind uses a bit less energy. Also, consider the windows in your home and how much lighting they let in or how to make them bigger so you can use your lights less often.

If you want to create an eco-friendly kitchen that looks as good as it is good for the environment, then let us create a beautiful and eco-friendly kitchen for you.