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Hello and welcome to our blog!

Starting from today, we decided to add a blog to our website because it’s a great way to keep in touch with you and to keep you updated with our remodeling projects. The Good Deal Remodeling blog is also a place where will we discuss latest home remodeling and home renovation trends, advice and suggestions.

Having an experience of over 12 years in home remodeling, we decided that it’s time to share some of this experience with you. Over the years, we had so many wonderful projects that we worked on, some more complex, other basic, but either way, we always kept our standards high and opted for the best solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

They say that a home is one’s castle, the space where you retreat, relax and enjoy quality time with your family or on your own. Having said that,  it’s important to make sure that your home is what you want it to be, that it reflects your personal style and that it’s also a functional home, where you make the best out of the space available.

Home remodeling projects are often difficult matters, because you have to deal with the planning, establishing a budget and choosing the best solutions that fit to your needs and preferences.

Therefore, we will offer you some tips and tricks on how to improve your home the best way possible, depending on what you need: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, sidings, roofing, flooring, you name it. There is no such thing as a “small projects”, as long as the result is important to you and your personal comfort.

This is why the Good Deal Remodeling blog is more than just a way of keeping you updated with our work. It’s also a space where you can find home remodeling ideas and tips, depending on the type of project you want to handle, home remodeling projects on a budget or home renovations that help you turn an old house into a brand new home.

As much as we encourage comments and engagement, we do have to establish some limits. You’re more than welcome to send us your questions or to propose new topics that we should discuss, but we do not encourage foul language, attacks between users or SPAM comments. If you want to contribute to the discussion, please do it by adding new information, not just by posting random links. The comments that don’t follow these simple guidelines will be deleted.

Now that everything is settled, all that remains is wishing you a warm welcome on the Good Deal Remodeling blog and don’t forget to come back from time to time, to read the latest articles and news related to home remodeling and home renovation projects.