home renovation - glass walls

Home renovation idea – installing glass walls

The spaces in which we live in and work are surrounded by walls. In most cases these walls are made of non-transparent materials. If you deviate from this rule, you can use glass when it comes to interior walls, or even for exterior walls. If you’re considering a home renovation, you can find ways to make good use of glass walls and to add more light into the rooms or to create the illusion or larger spaces.

Thus, an outer wall made of glass will bring much light to a space and break the visual barrier interposed between the inner and outer areas. Usually, these glass walls are fixed. If desired, they can function as a window with the possibility of access to the outdoor area, especially if you have a lovely garden that you want not only to see, but also to visit from time to time.

Glass walls to delimit spaces

If the inner delimitation of the space is pursued, but there is a fear that this would affect the degree of light that comes through in the rooms, the right choice would be the glass walls. Such a wall can separate the hall space from the living area, for example. This solution is especially recommended if we are talking about a hall that is illuminated only by artificial light, and the presence of a glass wall adds to the natural lightness of this space. In recent years, a trend has been creating a unique area between the living room and the kitchen. However, there are people who prefer to separate these areas because of different reasons. In order to create a sense of continuity between the two areas, a glass wall can be installed to delimit the two spaces, but the transparency provided will link them.

There are smaller living spaces, such as a studio, where the delimitation of the daytime area can be done with the help of glass walls. Specifically, you can arrange a bedroom that has one or more glass walls, and position it in the same place as the living area. For reasons of privacy, the bedroom with glass walls will be camouflaged by curtains or blinds. The presence of glass walls is particularly common in bathrooms, thus delimiting the shower area from the rest of the space.

Advantages of glass walls

Glass is material that has always been used for home renovation projects, but not it is even more often used, not just for a few elements such as tables, countertops or other items, but also for walls. The reason behind the ascending trend of having glass walls is the fact that they come with a few advantages that can’t be neglected.

Glass walls, whether made of glass plates or glass bricks, allow natural light to penetrate inside, in areas that in their absence would always remain private to the functional and aesthetic benefits of natural light, while ensuring, in addition transparency and excellent fixed or mobile space-saving solutions. An office or a dining room can be integrated at any time in a wide and open space through a fixed glass wall with or without access door or through glass movable walls.

One of the definite advantages of glass walls is the variety of designs and solutions. So many of the impossible home partitioning problems can be solved with glass walls. The glass walls can be an ornament or a wall itself as the gripping systems, very complex and sophisticated, can handle any challenge of exterior or interior design.

Disadvantages of glass walls

Just like in the case of any other home renovation projects, the costs of installing glass walls may not be a good investment for any home owner.  Thus, there are a number of advantages, functional and aesthetic that the glass walls bring, as well as some disadvantages. They can be tricky to install, they are expensive and require a proper and careful maintenance, because they are really nice only if they are clean. But even so, glass walls are an option for a home renovation that is worth considering.

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