guest room renovation

How to create a welcoming guest room

Let’s take a moment and discuss how you can create a welcoming guest room. Most people don’t take the time to consider how to arrange guest rooms because of the budget, or simply because these are rooms that are used only occasionally. What are the essential elements? What are the small details that can make a big difference? Here are some tips and tricks that can help you create the perfect guest room if you have the extra space and plan a fun renovation project.

Solutions for a restful sleep

Let’s start with an unquestionable necessity: the sleeping place, the bed! Besides the mattress, which would be preferable not to be a very cheap one (try to focus on a medium mattress in terms of hardness because most people prefer this setup), the quality of the bedding (100% cotton) and those little details like a pair of extra pillows. The bed should fit properly in the decoration of the room. Not too big, not too small, not too high or too short. In other words, the bed should have just the right size.

For a guest room that can host a couple – or a couple of friends – twin beds (separate) are the perfect option. The advantage is that if needed, beds can be joined, forming a matrimonial bed.

In case you usually have children as guests, the ideal solution would be to create a guest room similar to the ones you can see in school camps, with extra beds. The disadvantage is that this guest room style is just child-friendly, not so suitable for adults and requires a fairly large budget. But it looks great!

In case you have a small guest room, there are solutions for this problem as well. Some really cool! Use a folding bed, and the free space can serve as a desk. Another great idea is to use the foot of the folding bed as a shelf.

Essential elements for a guest room renovation

Don’t forget about the essential elements, such as a bedside cabinet or the lighting. Your guests don’t know the room just like you do and it will be hard for them to find the light switch at night, so the switch has to be positioned exactly where you would expect it to be. Bedside tables or cabinets also have an aesthetic and practical role. No one wants or should sleep with their phone under the pillow.

You should think of a place for luggage storage. You don’t have to build a walk in closet in the guest room. It’s enough to have a closet with a clothes rack and two drawers or some storage drawers.

Decorate your guest room with a fluffy rug. The more you create the “at home” feeling, the better your guests will feel. So much so, that they might not want to go home.

One thing you should not forget about if you plan a guest room renovation is the curtains. You may focus on the rest of the details, but if the sun will wake up your guests early in the morning, especially after a long night of partying, they won’t be too happy about it. Choose some curtains that fit with the rest of the decoration.

Special elements for a guest room renovation

When it comes to adding special items to the guest room consider the visual impact: wallpaper, flowers, a TV, even a vanity.

Take some inspiration from your favorite hotel. An unusual but very practical tip for elegant decorations is to get inspired from hotel rooms. Here are some things you might not have even considered: dressing gowns, a bedside chair or disposable slippers.

Other bonus items for a perfect guest room: a water bottle and two glasses, fresh flowers, magazines and why not, even something to snack on.

The guest bathroom

Don’t forget about the bathroom! Once again hotel rooms can be a good source of inspiration. You probably don’t have the same space of a master bedroom, but if you do have an extra bathroom, it should have at least a sink, a toilet bowl and a shower cabin.

These are just some tips to help you plan your guest room renovation according to a desired style, but you can also find different combinations and ideas that best suit your taste.  If you plan a kitchen remodeling, a bathroom remodeling or any other type of remodeling project, the Good Remodeling team is here to help. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.