How To Prepare For A Butcher Block Installation

How To Prepare For A Butcher Block Installation

Butcher block is one of the most versatile countertop materials that people love for its affordability and customization options. Before your butcher block installation, you’ll have the ability to choose from various types of wood and grains that enhance the overall decorating scheme. You’ll also love having a countertop surface material that can last for decades with proper care. As you get ready for your kitchen or bathroom makeover, you can use these steps to prepare for a successful installation.

Create A Custom Design Plan

The first thing you’ll need to do is work with a designer to decide exactly how and where you want the butcher block placed. With kitchen makeovers in Montgomery County, PA, people often choose to cover an entire portion of an island, or you might opt to just cover a specific part of the counter near your stove. Either way, having a design plan in place helps you to begin planning the next part of your preparations.

Remove Items From The Current Surface

In homes that already have a completed kitchen or bathroom countertop, the installer will need to remove the current materials. While you won’t have to do the heavy work of tearing out outdated materials, you might need to clear the space for the contractors. Taking small appliances and other items off of the surface gives your remodeling crew a clear area to work in.

Ask About Moving & Disconnecting Appliances

Depending on the project, you might need to plan for the appliances to be moved out of their current places. This might require disconnecting hoses from dishwashers and refrigerators. If this is the case, then check with the contractors to find out which aspects of the prep work they’ll be handling. Knowing which major appliances might need to be moved also gives you insight into how to prepare for handling your daily activities while the crew works on the project.

Clear Out The Cabinets Underneath

Removing old countertops and replacing them with a butcher block can be a messy experience, but it is all worth it in the end. Our crew works hard to avoid leaving any messes at the end of the day, but it is still likely that some dust will make its way into the cabinets below where we work. Removing cookware and other items just keeps them safe until we are done.

Make Plans For A Temporary Prep Space

When you’re doing a kitchen redesign in Bucks County, PA,  you’ll need to remember that it takes time to put in a butcher block and the other important features. You can work with your remodeling team to get an idea of the general timeline from start to completion. Then, find alternative spaces to take care of your needs. For instance, you might be able to use a guest bath or set up a makeshift kitchen nearby to make managing temporary inconveniences easier for your family.

Reach Out To A Kitchen Remodeling Professional

Are you ready to get on board with installing a butcher block in your kitchen or bathroom? Give us a call today! We’ll help you pick out the perfect style and let you know how you can get started with preparing for transforming your space.