save money on home remodeling

How to save money on your home remodeling

Having to go over budget is the biggest fear anyone can have when starting a home remodeling project. This is a very normal fear, as it’s very easy to go over board and forget to take some “safety” measures, such as having some extra money on the side for unwanted surprises, sticking to the plan and not doing extra renovations just because you started a bigger project and choosing the right contractor for the job.

With some careful planning and strategic thinking, it’s not that hard to accomplish your remodeling goal, without having to break the bank. It doesn’t mean that you should always choose the cheapest options in terms of materials, but it means that you should now when it’s the time to splurge and when you could save some money. Saving a little money hear and there finally adds to a pretty important sum that you could use for something else.

Don’t think about size, think about efficiency

Let’s take for example your kitchen. You don’t need to tear down walls and increase your space to accommodate all your appliances and cabinets. Instead, think about how you can make the best out of your space. Replace large shelves with pull-out drawers place at cabinet – height with racks that can support various items. Instead of expanding your kitchen, invest in some custom – designed cabinets that are more efficient for the available space.

Good lighting fixtures

Instead of planning new windows for your home to increase the amount of natural light, you could easily invest in some good lighting fixtures. Keep in mind that you should have general lighting fixtures, ambient lighting fixtures and task lighting fixtures to accommodate various activities in a certain room. On the long way, it’s a lot cheaper than making holes in your walls for new windows.

Think about long – term costs

It’s easy to be tempted to spend less money on certain materials, but if you think about the long – term costs, it’s not worth it and you’ll end up spending more money. For example, preprimed and prepainted clapboard siding is a little more expensive than the unfinished one, but it will last longer. Prefinished siding is has factory finishes applied without external conditions that might interfere with the result, such as rain or sun. The paint will last longer than if you were to have it painted or paint it on your own.

Imitations are sometimes good

Not all expensive materials are always the best options. Sometimes, you can choose imitation, because they are as durable as the original and the difference lays in small details. There some types of hardwood on the market, similar to mahogany that is perfect for flooring or to be used as planks for millwork or cabinetry. The price tag is significantly smaller and the hardwood has the same beautiful finish and appearance of the more expensive variation.

Sometimes you have to start from scratch

It’s often the case for older houses that they are so damaged that it’s almost impossible to renovate them without spending a hefty amount of money. Most of these houses have sentimental value and it’s hard for owners to part with them, but when you consider the costs it would take to upgrade an old, heavily degraded home, it’s better to just demolish it and start from scratch. Although it may seem like a drastic decision, if you don’t have the extra money laying around, the investment is just not worth it.

Pay attention to the plumbing

Surprisingly, or maybe not, some o the most expensive plumbing jobs are moving a toilet or a kitchen sink. If you can avoid it, don’t move them and make the remodeling work around them. If you do have to move a toilet or a kitchen, it’s best to consider upgrading the pipes at the same time, because it will certainly save you money on the long term.

Choose the right contractor

Last but not least, choosing the best contractor can save you the most part of the money needed for a home remodeling project. You need someone with experience in the field, good contacts and great recommendations.

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