modern kitchen remodel

Latest trends for a modern kitchen remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Find out in the following article what the latest trends in interior design are and integrate them into the new decor if they identify with your lifestyle.

From year to year, trends are becoming more sophisticated and surprising, and the space that had originally a purely functional role becomes a dedicated area for socialization and relaxation due to improvements made in time. This year, the kitchen has regained the title of preferred guest entertainment area.

Modern and contemporary kitchens

The modern style is still the most popular style addressed in these rooms. A modern kitchen requires plenty of natural light, clean lines, additional storage space to reduce clutter and neutral colors like white, beige, brown and gray. Contemporary kitchens tend to follow the same pattern, with clean, simple colors.

Modern kitchen design

Primarily flat surfaces and clear lines characterize a modern kitchen. In this space you will not see various designs or carved cabinet doors, but matte metal surfaces or made from a special plastic in strong colors, that are contrasting. Very modern kitchen use neutral colors like white, black and gray, but generally speaking, the chromatic is open, cheerful and bright.

Even if you opt for surfaces or cabinets made out of natural wood, they are processed in the same manner, with modern, symmetrical lines, clear forms and simple, light shades.

In modern kitchens, open storage spaces prevail. Great value is placed on glass doors or open shelves, while kitchen utensils and everything else that is out of sight, are meant to complete this space.

There is more diversity for countertops, which can be purchased in solid, rustic wood or modern style steel, plastic or glass. Part of a kitchen remodeling is also choosing the righ light fixtures, which besides the practical aspect give a touch of elegance and create and overall welcoming space.

Color schemes for modern kitchens

The cabinets are made of light wood, walnut or mahogany, alternating between white and gray shades. Two-colored cabinets are also an interesting option. You can try different tones of the same color or contrasting shades. The walls should be painted in light shades, and sometimes use a bit of color to create strong focal points.

Storage options for the kitchen

A contemporary kitchen remodel integrates the latest trends in décor, like open shelves, also called racks. They are incredibly popular but also highly controversial. Open shelves can make a small kitchen look much bigger, and they are a great way to expose various objects. Racks present a disadvantage. They can’t store unsightly parts of the kitchen, such as cups and bowls, plastic bowls or mugs of beer. All these items should be hidden in a lower cupboard. For a modern look, you could install floating shelves.

Surprising materials used for the kitchen

Marble and glass countertops are two other elements that must be part of the new decor. Glass plates offer shine even in small kitchens. Glass cabinet doors tend to brighten up any space. Frosted glass is a perfect option for those who do not want to display objects inside the enclosure. Marble, although it has a reputation for being a little pretentious, will attract attention. It goes well with white cabinets, which are so popular now.

Turning the kitchen into a welcoming space

A kitchen remodel is not only a way to upgrade this room, but it also offers you the opportunity to convert it into something truly suited to your personal style. However, if you really want to turn your kitchen into a welcoming space, it’s easy to do that, by considering installing a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands work very well in larger spaces, or where the kitchen is separated from the dining room. In this way, the host is able to entertain guests and prepare a delicious meal at the same time.

A kitchen island in the middle of the room can be useful both for food preparation and for dining, with a stove on one side and a dining are on the other side. You can install a kitchen island with a higher portion in one end, to function like a bar.

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