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Living on the remodeling site: 10 tips on how to master the remodeling madness

Are you absolutely sure that you can’t go anywhere else for a few weeks or months while it takes to remodel your house? No? Alright. Then read on. Remodeling is an expensive affair, which is why, for reasons of cost; many of us have no choice but to live basically on half a construction site.

It may not be pleasant, and both your patience and resilience will certainly be tested during this time. But yes, it is possible to co-exist more peacefully with your contractor. Take these 10 tips to heart and stick to your dustpan as your home transforms.

1.Clean up every day

This is the first and most important requirement to survive in your own home. It may seem pointless to you, but if you don’t remove the clutter left behind every day, you and your home will begin to suffer as dust and dirt creeps into each and every corner. Make sure you have a very good vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cause any problems even with small pieces of dirt such as mortar crumbs – you will be eternally grateful for this device.

2.Keep the doors closed

It’s exhausting, but make sure you always close the doors behind you. In addition, stick all the rooms that do not need to be used with adhesive tape to prevent dust from penetrating (it always manages to do so!). Cover the paths to the remodeling areas with self-adhesive plastic sheeting and you may even consider about installing dust-proofed zipper doors for the dirtiest rooms.

3.Keep the upper hand over the trash

If notice that garbage bags with different types of unneeded clutter lay around, grab them and take them out. When you do a remodeling, it’s possible to have new equipment and orders arrive from time to time and it will all stack up until it grows into a gigantic mountain of packages. Even when you have a lot to clear up, don’t forget to quickly dispose of and recycle waste and packaging.

4.Pay attention to protective films

It’s always a good sign if your workers are laying out protective films on day one of the remodeling and most do. But they can quickly become useless and full of dirt that can only be thrown out the window. Keep an eye on the condition of the protective films and regularly bring them outside to remove the dust collected on them.

5.Give your contractor a key

One of the most unpleasant things about doing in-house remodeling is the feeling that strangers are invading privacy. No matter how much you like people, it’s still strange to have them in the house every day. But dismiss yourself from the responsibility of always having to be there and give your contractor a key so you can at least (temporarily) run away when everything is too much for you and continue your normal everyday life within reasonable limits. After all, you should hire a trustworthy contractor, so you don’t have to worry about someone else roaming through the house.

6.Optimize the processes

Try to keep as many rooms as possible in livable conditions. You can do that, for example, by making sure that the workers find everything they need in one place – near where they are working. This also applies to snacks and drinks. Once a specific area is defined for it, the team can also ensure that the rest of the house remains free of dirt.

7.Order ahead of time

Although there are many websites that promise to deliver the goods until the next day, there is always the possibility that mistakes will happen. For example, when all the sinks are removed and you don’t have a replacement, you’ll probably wish you had waited a few more days. There is nothing more frustrating than encountering something that stagnates the remodeling process due to a lack of organization.

8.Plan for everyday life

Don’t assume that you will be able to cope with not being able to wash some clothes or cook because it’s only for a couple of days.  Experience has shown that remodeling work takes longer than initially planned, so it’s advisable to take care of a temporary solution before it starts. Ask your workers for help. You will be amazed at what they can do to improvise: from the cooking area in the living room to the washing machine in the garage.

9.Continue living as normal as possible

Don’t press the stop button on your life just because your house is turned upside down; hold on to the little things that give you pleasure. If you like watching movies, keep your living room clean and free of stacks and boxes. Light candles, pave the way to your favorite reading corner and try to enjoy the peaceful evenings when the work stops.

10.Don’t forget to have fun

Always remember, even in the middle of dirt, dust, and noise: what is happening will make your home more beautiful for many years to come. And remember: even disastrous events will be funny in retrospect. For real!

These are just some tips to help you go through a remodeling without the stress and hassle usually associated with this type of project. If you plan a kitchen remodeling, a bathroom remodeling or any other type of remodeling project, the Good Remodeling team is here to help. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.