low cost bathroom remodeling

Low cost bathroom remodeling ideas

From time to time, every room in the house needs an upgrade, a remodeling or some minor repairs, but you don’t always have a large budget for this purpose. There are, however, solutions for remodeling and smaller budgets, such as those below, suitable for renovating and upgrading an outdated bathroom.

The solutions you will find below can get you out of trouble when you want to upgrade the bathroom in your home, or when you feel the need for a radical change of decoration. It’s recommended to use economic finishes that can help you renew the look of the bathroom without necessarily giving up on the quality of the decoration and on the idea of a modern and pleasant room.

Painting old tiles

Perhaps you didn’t know, but a quick and economical solution for radically changing the image of a bathroom is painting the tile in another color. You can do this with a special water based email that you can find here in most hardware stores, a can being enough to cover up to 6 square meters in a single layer. This option will allow you to radically and completely change the look of the bathroom in a single day without having to organize a construction site in the house or break the bank to invest in new tile if the old one is not cracked or severely damaged.

Finishes that can replace tile

If you don’t like the idea outlined above and even consider that old tile can’t be brought to life in this way, you can cover it with decorative panels that mimic wood, stone, brick, ceramic tiles or paneling. They can be mounted on a skeleton made of thin wood stalks, fixed directly on the old tiled walls. The basic condition is that the panels you choose can withstand moisture. Such a work is not difficult to be executed by a specialist, it doesn’t take too much time nor does it cost as much as to replace the entire tile in the bathroom with a new one.

Only use ceramic tile in essential areas

If you have just finished building the house or have taken over a completely new apartment that you have to finish in full, but you don’t have enough financial resources for the full tiling of the bathroom of your dreams, don’t lose your patience. You can fulfill your dream with a smaller budget, provided you only focus on the essential areas of these rooms: the sink and the interior of the shower cabin or the wall in the bath tub area. Otherwise, the walls can be painted in what color you want and this combination of finishes will create a nice overall look in the end.

Seemingly unfinished walls

Modern interior designs have more and more accents of industrial inspiration. They blend wonderfully with minimalist elements, but also with vintage or Scandinavian elements, leading to at least some interesting decorative effects. So if your budget doesn’t allow you to install tile in the entire bathroom, you can try an industrial look that preserves the rough appearance of the unfinished walls. Ensure that the surface of the walls is thoroughly cleaned of dust and eventually covered with a special protective lacquer, designed to prevent water from penetrating.

Use a curtain instead of a cabinet under the bathroom sink

If you want to save some money with the bathroom furniture, there are some items you can cross off the list. For example, you can hide detergents and bathroom essentials stored under the sink with a curtain matched to the other textures of the decor. This solution can be a temporary one, up to the budget allocation for the bathroom remodeling, or it can be a permanent one, especially if the style of room fits with this decorative item. Such a curtain can become a permanent element in a bathroom decorated in country style, Provence style, Scandinavian or rustic style.

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