modern glam remodeling

Modern Glam – remodeling ideas for an elegant home

At first there was the Hollywood Regency style. It was an interior design style that began to be popular in the 1920s and reached its peak in the ’30s. As the name calls it, it was inspired by the glamorous life of Hollywood stars, which, especially in the early decades of the last century, were the emblems of an opulent and sophisticated lifestyle. In the images with the actresses of the time – Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford or Gloria Swanson – we see them dressed especially in elegant evening dresses, lace or shining materials, and accessorized with a lot of sparkling jewelry. Everything in their outfits is well thought and carefully arranged.

Hollywood’s opulent interiors of the 1930s

The homes were just as extravagant. Stylish, contrasting fabric decorations were combined with metal furniture pieces, with glass decorations, mirrors and stylish furniture. The glamorous interiors were meant to be luxurious at any price. You can imagine the residents of these houses sitting relaxed on a large armchair, dressed in a satin or silk gown and sipping a cocktail – as described by interviews from that era.

Modern glam or how to reinterpret past century’s luxury

Almost 100 years later, the Hollywood Regency was reinterpreted, updated and upgraded. Today it is named Modern Glam and is no longer a style reserved only for Hollywood stars, very wealthy or famous people.

A home remodeling in this style will be elegant, luxurious and even feminine and will make good use of objects that attract attention and awaken admiration.

There are some basic concepts that are used in these interiors, which you can easily implement in your home.

Metallic objects

Metal objects – silver, copper or gold – are elegant by definition. They have a special gloss, and because they imitate precious materials, they transmit the idea of luxury and wealth. They can be luminaires, boxes, vases, trays or frames for paintings, mirrors and photos.

Chandeliers and candlesticks

Regarding this are, the more you have, the better. Choose candles, candlesticks, chandeliers or lanterns made of shiny, large and opulent materials with irregular and dramatic shapes that impress by design or size.

Statement furniture with a unique design

Gold-plated furniture pieces or traditional design pieces and rounded lines are popular for Modern Glam. You can opt for metal tables, upholstered chairs and armchairs, pastels or wainscots, consoles, buffets and commodes in renaissance style or with traditional drawers. For furniture pieces, choose as many light colors as possible, at least in the upholstery or the frame, if you can’t have both.

Neutral colors for large surfaces

Modern Glam interiors often have only one color: gold. The rest can be considered non-colors or neutral colors – gray, beige, white, cream and pastels. The combination of golden-colored tones results in a luxurious, clean and bright interior.

Long and opaque curtains

The presence of curtains can be a decisive factor in setting up a glamorous interior. Most of the time, curtains are a must-have. More precisely, you can’t give up on them if you want an elegant and glamorous interior. Choose long curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor (which have an important advantage because they make a room look taller) and opt for precious fabrics – velvet or satin.

Textures and prints

Regarding prints, Modern Glam interiors are based on geometric shapes – lines, circles or damask prints. More important than the print is the texture of the material, so we recommend choosing decorative textiles in which the fabric has a pleasant, fine, luxurious texture, such as velvet, satin or fur imitations.

Soft and comfy textiles

Another precious material that instantly conveys the idea of wealth and luxury is fur. In addition, a fur-like imitation or a leather imitation is pleasing to the touch and comfortable. You have various options to choose from on the market and it all comes down to your personal preference, creativity and imagination.

These are just some suggestion to help you plan your home remodeling according to a desired style, but you can also combine various elements according to your choice. If you plan a kitchen remodeling, a bathroom remodeling or any other type of remodeling project, the Good Remodeling team is here to help. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.