Rustic Style Home Remodeling

A new take on the rustic style for your home remodeling

Rustic-modern style is a term that has become common in interior design. The charm and warmth of rustic style combined with modern facilities seem to be increasingly present in current home remodeling. Rustic interiors give a sense of connection to the past that you can hardly resist, and, in combination with modern furniture, they provide the comfort elements that we need. The choice of such facilities demonstrates boldness, creativity and originality, which is why this style is something you should consider for your home remodeling project.

The key to create a modern rustic space is a light – colored floor, modern furniture, large windows and natural preserved architectural features that are exposed. The color scheme is very simple, combining neutral colors with warm, earthy tones. This style has a casual elegance, combining comfort with modern elements.

Wood and stone in the rough

These are probably the most important features of a modern rustic décor, which those who admire this style know that bring nature indoors. If you have an old house, it’s important to keep its original character and architectural details. If you build a new house, leave the beams exposed, using reclaimed wood or include a stone fireplace.

Old is new

The idea of this style is to get all the charm and warmth of rustic homes with all the amenities of a modern housing. The mid-century furniture is perfect for the style, and leather and wood will fit perfectly.

If you decide to opt for the rustic style in your home remodeling, don’t hesitate to hunt down furniture and other décor items at garage sales or if you have a storage space, it’s time to take another look at what you have there. If you have pieces that are in good condition or don’t need much restoration work, you can cut down on the furnishing costs.

As far as the kitchen goes, you can arrange that for the modern home. You can even use clean modern lines, it’s important to accessorize with rustic details such as curtains, napkins, tablecloths and kitchen utensils.

An important detail of the rustic style is the patina. Decorative elements should not convey a sense of new or shiny. On the other hand, a bit of shine can be attractive in the midst of all that is textured. A sink in a bathroom or a glass item in the living room, gives a touch of sparkle without departing from chosen style.

A little secret that can help you in a rustic style home remodeling is repurposing old objects. Antiques are the key: old buckets made into sinks, wire baskets transformed into light fixtures or wooden boxes converted into stools. It all depends on your creativity and the way you decide to integrate old items into a modern space.

Rustic style color schemes

The color scheme associated with the rustic style avoids bright tones and pastels, using rather subtle colors and warm natural hues. You can opt for a wide range of colors, from bark, stone and earth tones.

Magenta and lime green can be part of the nature’s color palette, but that doesn’t mean they are the best choice for a rustic home. But don’t worry – no need to combine brown with orange, beige and more brown. There’s room for a few hints of light and color. Think of a combination of denim blue, bright, golden yellow and faded turquoise.

Simple natural fabrics

Delicate fabrics such as silk and lace, they don’t have any place in a rustic interior. But resistant fabrics, recyclable and biodegradable fabrics are exactly what you need: burlap, linen, cotton, wool, jute, hemp, sisal or organic cotton are the perfect choice, especially if you want to follow on the trend of “green” homes.

Duvets and blankets are always present in a rustic style decor; try updating them with a colored pattern, with different stripes or circles.

The natural appearance of a rustic modern home starts from items of furniture, linens and carpets to wallpaper, curtains and drapes. Use pillows, blankets and curtains made of jute, cotton, wool, hemp and leather or fur green mats for the décor.

There you have it, some basic ideas to use for a rustic style home remodeling, but keep in mind that there’s so much more things that you can do, from creating open spaces, to replacing floors or adding wooden inside stairs and everything in between. Good Deal Remodeling can help you with all you remodeling projects, be it just a room, like the kitchen or the bathroom or an entire home renovation. Just contact us for a free estimate and we’ll help you make the best decisions.