Office renovation

Office renovation for a work space at home

Do you have a spare room in your home and don’t know what to do with it? Do you think about remodeling your attic or your garage into something else? If you’re working from home, an office space is exactly what you need to get some quite time and do your work.

To turn a spare room into an office space might be easy or difficult, depending on what you have to work with. Whichever the case, here are some tips for a successful office renovation.

The importance of the white color

Leave the power and purity of whites predominate in the overall appearance of the room. Walls and floor will reflect more light that is natural and amplify the feeling of more space. Choose the floor in a warm, neutral shade, and the effect is guaranteed.

Our recommendation: no matter how much free space you have, make the best out of it and make sure the lighting allows you to work regardless if it’s day or night.

Make sure you have enough natural light

Particularly in the office, you need as much natural light for study or activities that require concentration. Natural light has proven beneficial effects in studies. So never underestimate its importance in your home: it improves your mood and makes the days seem longer.

The office should be positioned as close as possible to the window while you’re working. The fresh air and the natural light will help you be more productive and creative.

Atypical angles

Use the advantages of irregular shapes of walls. Adapt the furniture, storage or shelving for books in such forms, to help you obtain a visual effect that seems organized and tidy, as it must be in an office. Customize just one of the walls, choose a wallpaper print in two colors, or use brick. The final result:  the entire atmosphere of the room will become more welcoming.

Use only strictly necessary furniture in the office, it will successfully complete the decorative elements placed on the floor, not giving the space the effect of being “crowded”: decorative pillows are a nice touch. They are also useful for moments of relaxation after work or for leisure breaks.

Use all the storage space you have

Make use of the vertical space as much as you can. You can have a wooden wall desk custom made, with plenty of drawers and shelves for storage. Thus, it will not be necessary to include a cabinet on the ground.

In a small space, you can improvise a corner desk, created from several small cabinets and a table. Another option would be making a table from two chairs and a wooden countertop, using pieces of furniture that you don’t need anymore.

Colors and their influence

Each of us has a favorite color. When it comes to colors for the workspace at home, it’s good to integrate them with the rest of the house. Choose colors for the office space according to the effects they have on the psyche.

Blue: is a cold color that transmits a state of peace and relaxation. It’s suitable for bedrooms, because it accentuates the sensation of sleepiness, but not for the office.

Green: is considered a neutral color, fresh, relaxing for a room to add vitality, which makes it suitable for the space in which you work.

Purple: It’s said that it stimulates the imagination, it helps with concentration and creativity. It’s preferred to use shades of pale purple, not very strong.

Red: a strong color, full of energy that attracts immediate attention. In the office, it should be used only for small décor accents.

Neutral colors – white, gray, cream, ivory: are probably best suited for a workspace that is not distracting and helps with concentration. If you want to use them and to add a note of personal style, however, you can combine hem with your favorite color accents.

No matter what your plans are, if you intend to have an extensive home remodeling project, to have an office renovation or to make other changes to your home, Good Deal Remodeling is here to help you. You can contact us to tell us about your remodeling plans and we will make sure to offer you the best solutions through our remodeling services.