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We’re specialized in the following kitchen remodel options:

  • Custom kitchens with luxury bake and cook centers
  • Small and compact kitchens with creative storage solutions, suitable for any space
  • Large traditional kitchens
  • Kitchen expansions: islands, breakfast bars and peninsulas
  • Dining room wall removal
  • Built-in bars and custom storage options
  • Modern and contemporary kitchens

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A beautiful kitchen is more than just a space where you throw some kitchen cabinets and a splash of color. The kitchen is often called “the heart of a home”, and that’s for a good reason. It’s the room where a family prepares and/or enjoys a nice meal each day. But it’s also more than that, it’s used for entertaining guests, which means that your kitchen’s design should accommodate all these activities.

Kitchen renovations are now more popular than ever, from kitchen islands and steel appliances, to custom countertops and cabinets. All these elements are key additions to any type of dream kitchen.

This is why Good Deal Remodeling is offering top quality kitchen remodel services in Philadelphia and in the Philadelphia area for any type of kitchen, no matter how big or small. We help you convert your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space for the entire family, while maintaining its functionality. We’re specialized in kitchen remodels and bathroom remodeling projects.

You can contract us for special projects, or if you need help with your kitchen remodeling.

We have an extremely high rate of customer satisfaction. You just tell us what you want your kitchen to look like and we will make sure that you will be happy with the result.

Our company has years in the home remodeling business, which is why we are able to handle any type of projects, no matter how complex or small. Good Deal Remodeling is accredited by the BBB, with an A+ grade, based on our clients’ reviews and lack of complaints towards our work. Good Deal Remodeling is also a top rated company on Home Advisor, Angie’s List & Houzz since 2014.

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What clients say's about us

I thank “Good Deal Remodellig” for doing a great job for remodeling our bathroom & kitchen. They’ve done it for 8 days only,quick & fast. When they’re done with the job, they clean & took away all the garbage!! So happy with the out come of my bathroom & kitchen!!! I will recommend “Good Deal Remodeling” to my family & friends!!!

They were very good with the service I received finished the job within two days and completed the work at exceptional task that I really love I would recommend Good Deal Remodeling to anyone who needs house work in the near future. I am pleased with every single window in my house

Good Deal remodeling did my grandmas kitchen. “They were always on time. They did a good body of work. Did a beautiful job. Always polite and personable. I really enjoyed their work.”Thy worked on her kitchen and did a really good job!

“Good Deal Remodeling” is a very good contracting company for ALL your home improvement needs. I just had my basement remodeled from scratch which included a full bath,and it came out wonderfully. I told them my vision and well the results, they took a video of. Check it out? (Blue with orange). The cost was reasonable, they were on the job early and they confirmed any detail of the project. Thanks again guys!

Very nice work they transformed are kitchen to a place to be proud of they use good materials they show up for work early work the whole day sometimes to early for me any way… take it from a 23yrs Firefighter they did such a beautiful remodeling to are kitchen my wife love the cabinets you know woman and cabinets they use nice real wood sturdy cabinets that’s a woman’s thing …no I like them too from top to bottom good quality work we like there work so much we invited them to remodel the Bathroom great job Good Deal thanks guy’s if anything comes up in the near future you know we’ll call you guy’s