laundry room remodel

How to remodel and decorate a laundry room

Most of the time, the space reserved for the laundry is available in a more spacious house where there is the possibility of having a separate laundry room. If organized properly, a laundry room can also be arranged in a smaller room on the ground floor or in the basement of the house.

Of course, without proper organization, this room can become a real chaos, a turbulent and stressful space, and no one wants it in the house. The washing machine, the dryer, the ironing board, the iron and the various accessories necessary for the care and storage of the laundry are gathered between the same walls.

Separate laundry room

If the budget allows it, it is worth investing in a laundry room, as much as in the rest of the other rooms. For example, you can start by following the same decorating style to have the same style throughout the home.  You can also choose from the wide range of furniture items, strictly dedicated to this use. Custom furniture with the possibility of incorporating appliances or multifunctional furniture with folding elements is very useful in this case. In addition, if the laundry room space is generous, you can also install a TV or radio to relax while the washing machine is doing its job.

Laundry space for a small house

If you live in a small house and you don’t have the necessary space for a special laundry room, it does not necessarily mean that you have to carry the washing machine into the bathroom. You can choose to hide it in a living room cabinet. It’s crazy, you might think, but it can be the right dose of “insanity” that your house needs, just to give you the space you need. And custom-made furniture can be what you need to beautifully arrange such a laundry space.

For those who do not have enough space to allocate a separate room for laundry, but still benefit from a spacious kitchen or a large hall, we suggest incorporating the laundry space into one of these rooms. A niche in the wall where you can put a hanging bar, a washing machine or the dryer, where appropriate, as well as a basket for dirty laundry, all concealed by a harmonic door or a sliding door.

Arranging a laundry space

Another way to hide all these accessories and household appliances would be by covering them with curtains. Selected with style, these curtains can give a nice look to the entire room. Let your imagination run wild and plan everything to add the necessary elegance to this space. Choose to use opaque curtains, transparent curtains, white or why not colored ones and so you will not only cover up the laundry space, but you will also add a nice touch to the entire room.

How about hiding all this in a closet? In other words, as in the kitchen, where you can hide your dishwasher or fridge so that no one besides you will guess what is behind those doors, so you can hide your washing machine and, if necessary, the dryer in a closet, whether you choose to put it in the hall, in the bathroom or even in the kitchen.

Try to go vertically if you don’t have a large room: shelves or small folding tables, baskets or the ironing table hanging on the wall, etc. If your family counts more members, you also need to consider furniture with many storage spaces of different sizes and different heights.

Laundry room in the garage

Another option for the location of this room would be the garage. We suggest that you arrange the garage so that it can fit the car and you still have a free wall where you can arrange the laundry. Here you can place the washing machine and the dryer and next to it, install shelves so you can place the other accessories you need in such a space.

Now you have a few examples of how you can turn a boring space into a beautifully arranged space where even if you spend long hours you will not feel the need to get out of there as soon as possible.

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