Stainless Steel Appliances: Color Schemes To Match

Stainless Steel Appliances: Color Schemes To Match

When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to consider the design as a whole. Do all of the colors match? Do the styles match? If not, you could be faced with a mix-and-match aesthetic that doesn’t look good at all. One of the considerations you should have is whether the color of your remodel matches your stainless steel appliances. They could look out of place otherwise. Here are a few color schemes to match your stainless steel appliances.

1. Black and White

There’s a reason so many homeowners love using black in their interior design. It goes with everything. They don’t have to worry about it matching with other shades of color or materials like stainless steel. The same goes for white.

When mixed, black and white can create a powerful aesthetic with stainless steel. Depending on if the emphasis is placed on black or white, the atmosphere can be either industrial or modern in design. The stainless steel appliances only add to that atmosphere.

2. White and Off-White

Stainless steel also looks great with white and its variants. This is when using marble or marble-like design works best. The beautiful stone with a sheen of metal can make your kitchen look luxurious.

Because too much white can sometimes be glaring or feel clinical, the addition of stainless steel gives the design that necessary pop of color and material that makes it interesting.

3. Shades of Brown

You may not think that something like stainless steel would go well with earthy tones, but it looks amazing. If you want your kitchen design in Philadelphia, PA to feel warm and welcoming, then you need to use earthy tones in your design. Brown, especially, feels warm.

When matched with stainless steel, different shades of brown can give it a farmhouse or even a modern kitchen atmosphere. It invites everyone to come and relax in the kitchen.

4. Grey with White

One final color scheme that works well with stainless steel is grey with white. In particular, grey cabinets with white countertops can make your kitchen look stately and modern. Combined with industrial or modern lighting fixtures, this color scheme is perfect for those who want their kitchen to look as though a 5-Star chef operates in it.

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