kitchen remodel tips

Top 10 kitchen remodel tips

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, than you know how difficult it is to find a balance between the things you would like to change or improve in your kitchen and the budget you have at your disposal for the said improvements.

Therefore, here are 10 tips that should help you decide what to consider when you’re planning a kitchen remodel.

1.Choose quality materials

If you’re changing your kitchen cabinets, you should invest into quality materials. Quality hinges and drawer slides will ensure the fact that your cabinet doors are shut and that the drawers will be easy to open and close. Avoid drawers that are just stapled together or those made out of particleboard. As for cabinet interiors, melamine, laminate or MDF are wide spread options, but wood veneer is far more durable.

2. Opt for high cabinets

If you have high ceilings, then you should opt for high cabinets. Higher kitchen cabinets offer more storage space and you can use the extra space that you have gained for open shelves, posters, paintings or other decorations. However, if have a ceiling that is higher than 8 feet, you should leave at least 15 inches between the ceiling and the cabinets.

3. Painting vs. paint staining

If you keep your old kitchen cabinets and you decide to change their appearance by applying a fresh coat of paint, keep in mind that stained – wood cabinets are more durable, but they’re not easy to alter if you’re the type of person who’s constantly updating their kitchen. If you paint your cabinets the old-fashioned way, using a brush, you can obtain a different finish, that offers a unique personality to your kitchen interior.

4.Don’t forget about the countertop

An elegant countertop can make a huge difference in your kitchen. White marble or stained wood create the appearance of warmth and elegance, which is what you should aim for, if your kitchen is a space where the family’s having dinner or where you have people over. If you’re on a budget, soapstone or plastic laminate with wooden edge also gives  sophisticated look, without having you break the bank.

5. Kitchen islands

Kitchen island are very popular right now, but it all depends on the available space in the kitchen. Don’t place a large cube island in the middle of your kitchen just because it’s trendy. Opt for an island that has an open look, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. If possible, avoid placing kitchen appliances on the kitchen island, because you don’t want to clutter the center of your room.

6. Don’t clutter your kitchen

If you’re remodeling, it’s most likely to go overboard with all the different things that you want to change in your kitchen, but you must make sure that the kitchen fits with the style used in all the other rooms. Also, you might be tempted to exaggerate with the decoration, so be careful not to have too much useless stuff laying around.

7. Consider easy maintenance

Smooth surfaces, such as ceramic floors and light colors like the ones of white laminate counters are nice to look at, but they’re a pain to keep clean, especially in a kitchen, where you cook and serve meals all the time. The same goes for stainless steel. Slate or tumble marble is more difficult to clean, but it masks small crumbs and smudges.

8. Choose your appliances

Instead of having all kinds of gadgets that you will probably never use anyway, stick to basic appliances. If you don’t have so many and you have them in the same area, they can make a nice focal point in your kitchen, opposite to all kinds of appliances that are scattered around.

9. Set up a dining space

If you don’t have an adjacent dining room, try to separate your dining space from the rest of the kitchen as much as possible, using furniture and lighting fixtures, so that you can use that space on any type of occasion.

10. Make the kitchen your own space

Like any other space in your home, the kitchen should be a mirror your personality and your own style, not the one you see in showrooms or interior decoration magazines. Try to incorporate into your new design something unique, that represents you.

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