Top 5 Ways To Decorate An Accent Wall

Top 5 Ways To Decorate An Accent Wall

Accent walls are trendy right now, and for good reason. Among its many aesthetic benefits, it allows you to create a focal point in the room and add character to your space. 

If you’re unsure where to begin creating an accent wall, though, here are the five best ways to make one: 

Get Creative With Your Paint

The easiest way to decorate your accent walls is by painting them. A good tip in choosing the best paint color for your accent wall is to ensure it contrasts with the other walls in your space. If the rest of the walls have a bright color, then choose a darker hue. If it’s the other way around, choose a lighter hue.

However, you don’t have to stick to just one color — getting creative with patterns can help it stand out even more. You can make the wall more interesting by painting it with stripes, polka dots, herringbone, chevron, and other patterns. 

Style It With Natural Bricks

A great way to give your home a rustic charm is by decorating your accent wall with natural bricks. What’s great about brick accent walls is that their neutral color palette is capable of fitting in virtually any home. Plus, you can paint them to give the bricks even more stylistic versatility. 

Design It Using Shiplap Panels

Using shiplap panels will make your accent wall look gorgeous. What’s great about modern shiplap panels is that they allow your home to have a wooden element that complements the rest of the space. They can add texture and personality to any room in your home, including your bathrooms.

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Use Wallpapers

With an array of wallpaper options to choose from, finding a wallpaper that can provide a stylish impact on a room is easy. You simply need to use your aesthetic to determine whether to get a traditional, minimalist, or any other wallpaper type. From the color to the finish, you need to make sure that you’ll get a wallpaper that suits your liking and complements your space at the same time.

Make A Photo Collage Wall

Another great way to decorate your accent wall is by hanging different photos up, such as ones of your family, friends, pets, or even just nature photos. 

Make sure that it’ll look cohesive by getting frames that complement each other in terms of style, size, and color. Keeping your frames consistent will also make the photos stand out even more. If possible, stick to one to three frame colors so they will look better once you hang them on your accent wall. 

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