wallpaper for a bedroom renovation

Which type of wallpaper is best for a bedroom renovation?

The bedroom is no longer just a room for rest. More and more often this room is combined with a working space with a small library or a corner for relaxation. Regardless of the functionalities chosen, comfort is the criterion that should dominate the overall design of this room. Decorating the walls of the bedroom with wallpaper is not a too easy task because the type of wallpaper chosen will dominate the appearance and the atmosphere here.

To learn how to choose the wallpaper properly, first you need to know how many types of wallpapers there are and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

Types of wallpaper for the bedroom

Today we can choose from a wide variety of wallpaper. At first sight you can easily lose yourself in this great diversity. But, as already said, in order to understand what kind of wallpaper is best for your bedroom, you should first familiarize yourself with a brief classification of the types of wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpaper

It is also called washable wallpaper. The base of this wallpaper is glass fiber paper or insert and the outer layer is made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC – the same material that is used for the manufacture of plastic windows. This type of wallpaper adheres very lightly on the wall, but it’s always best to call on experienced help for application, if you want great results.

Fleece wallpaper or wallpaper with a plain or structured mineral glass fiber

This type of wallpaper is impregnated on the underside, and on the top is finished with a fine coat, so if only one layer of lacquer is applied, it will get a very elegant finish with a very rich polychrome effect in various hues. This type of  wallpaper is very durable.

Wallpaper made of paper or natural fibers

Made of environmentally friendly materials, this type of wallpaper does not cause allergies and has the property of letting the wall breathe. Other advantages worth mentioning are a light application, a wide range of colors and a good price. Unfortunately, the paper wallpaper also has minuses: it is not durable in time with a short life span, it can easily deteriorate and it is not resistant to moist environments.

Textile wall coverings – silk, cotton or linen

In the composition of this wallpaper there may be a large variety of fibers: silk, linen, cotton, synthetic fibers. The price of this type of wallpaper depends greatly on the fibers from which it is made, as well as its appearance and durability.

Among the advantages of textile wallpapers are the following: they are ecological, they create a favorable atmosphere in the room, and are very beautiful and qualitative.

Major drawbacks are: high costs, they collect dust and apply heavier on walls.

What wallpaper style should I choose for a bedroom renovation?

For a modern bedroom renovation, the wallpaper should have a modern print, without excessive images, made of eco materials.

The Provence-style bedroom is an elegant and cozy bedroom furnished mostly with light-colored items with simple prints. You can choose wallpaper in blue, white, beige, golden yellow, light green.

Rustic-style wallpapers must be in open and warm colors often with floral patterns. The most important aspect to keep in mind when you choose the wallpaper is not to overload the interior with lots of details and to keep everything moderate. After all, the main purpose of the bedroom is to be a place of relaxation.

To implement a Japanese style, the bedroom has to follow some basic principles: a minimalistic setting, concise details, the use of natural materials and a neutral color for the interior. The walls should either be decorated with decorative wooden panels, wallpaper or ethnic motifs.

Classic style implies a precise repetition of prints. The colors used are from the lightest to the brightest.

The minimalist style is being laconic and the wallpaper for this room must conform to the rule. The color can be any – to match the color scheme of the room. It is best to apply simple or abstract wallpaper. One option would be to apply a large image to a wall that will act as an independent detail.

What wallpapers are trendy?

This year’s trends are: floral themes, bulky images and large-scale black and white images, most of the time using images of retro stars, geometric patterns or personalized murals.

Mural images should only be used on a single wall either on the wall behind the bed or on a whole wall but with no furniture. For the rest of the walls use either monochrome wallpaper or washable paint that will match the wallpaper.

As for the choice of the image, think seriously about it because you will see it on the bedroom wall every day, so make sure it’s something that you truly like.

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