small bathroom remodel ideas

10 remodeling ideas for small bathrooms

If you consider how many people have a spacious bathroom at their disposal and how many have to figure out how to unravel between four tile walls, remodeling a small bathroom, the later are probably the majority. It’s difficult to find a solution that respects the will of the owner but doesn’t make a big hole in the renovating budget.

Ladies usually want the bathtub for bubble baths and relaxation; men will shower in a fast and efficient manner, just like they’re used to in locker rooms, large mirrors and cupboards offer more space for cosmetics or towels and the toilets should be somehow separated to offer some intimacy.

In home remodeling, bathrooms consume the most money per square meter. This room has a tendency to be so intimate, so personal, as well as the cuisine, that is one of the biggest challenges for those who want to remodel a bathroom. It’s the first place they start the construction works after you have purchased a new home and where most disputes are born.

Ideas for small bathroom remodeling

  1. Don’t use large pieces on the walls, try embedding or choosing flat cupboards to gain some extra space, without making the walls look to “crowded.”
  2. You don’t need the largest sink. Considering that you have to deal with a small bathroom, you shouldn’t opt for large pieces, regardless if the bath tub, the shower cabin, cupboards or the sink.
  3. Be careful which type of toilet you choose. It’s something that most home owners neglect, but it’s one of the few pieces that you won’t change that often so it’s important to make the right decision.
  4. It you’re lacking space, a shower cabin should be enough, you don’t have to sacrifice the available space to install a bath tub. Although you won’t be able to enjoy a relaxing bath, at least you will have enough space in the bathroom.
  5. Speaking of showers, shower cabins are mostly practical you don’t have to choose something to impress others. The focal point in your bathroom should be the cabinets or a vanity and you can play with different tile colors. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel the need to invest in a luxurious shower cabin if you’re renovating your bathroom on a budget.
  6. Use the space under the sink for storage, it’s vital when you’re dealing with a small bathroom.
  7. Make sure that the bathroom has a proper ventilation system to avoid dampness and mold. Especially if you don’t have a window or just a small window, the bathroom isn’t ventilated enough. All the steam and the water will turn your bathroom into a moldy room, difficult to maintain.
  8.  Choose light colors for the floor and wall tiles to create the illusion of space. Avoid dark or bold colors.
  9. A large mirror is not only useful, but it also makes the bathroom look bigger. It’s the only item where you can opt for something larger.
  10. Don’t cover the ceiling with anything, allow it to breathe. You can choose lime plaster to maintain hygiene and to prevent the walls from absorbing steam.

Extra tips for bathroom remodeling

Chromatic is extremely important in a bathroom. Choose to invest in quality materials and seek more opinions before choosing the tiles and the flooring. Both must be in the same color range and complement each other. Make sure from the very beginning that you don’t have tubing and pipes visible, they can be installed very well in the walls.

Get inspired by as many pictures as you can find in magazines or over the internet, think carefully before choosing, the remodeling market is very diverse in both quality and price.

Remodeling a small bathroom can be very challenging because you have to make the most out of a limited space. Bathrooms have to combine function with design, they need to integrate well with the rest of your home and have your personal touch.

Are thinking about transforming your small bathroom into a modern, functional and appealing space? Request a free estimate from Good Deal Remodeling. No matter how big or small, or how generous your budget is, we will offer you the best solutions for a bathroom remodeling according to your wishes.