bathroom remodeling tips

10 things to consider before a bathroom remodel

Whether you have a small bathroom or large master suite bathroom, functionality should be the most important characteristic of any bathroom remodeling project. In order to gain storage room, improve your lighting and drainage, the new bathroom should stand the test of time and make your investment worth the effort. Here are some of the most important things you should take into consideration before you start you bathroom remodeling:


The larger the drain, the less likely it is that it will clog with all the hair and gunk that goes down your drain. The cost difference to upgrade your pipes to larger ones is relatively small, considering that your framing does allow you to make the necessary changes. If you live in a region where temperatures drop below the freezing point during winter, it’s important that the water supply line isn’t routed through an exterior wall, so try to avoid this as much as possible.

2.Bathroom lighting

Recessed light fixtures on the ceiling help brighten up any room, especially the bathroom, where you don’t have natural light at your disposal, or you most likely have only a small window. A dimmer switch is also very handy, to adjust the brightness level. It’s also important to consider how you’ll be using the mirror, because it makes a difference on the type of lighting you need: functional or more aesthetic. For all kind of activities that you do in front of the mirror, bright light fixtures, that placed in the best places go a long way to help you see what you’re doing.

3.Bathroom cabinets

If you have the space to recess your bathroom cabinet, it is a great way to save some space over a vanity and the additionally framing isn’t usually expensive. If this is not an option, you need to make sure that you have enough room at the vanity to have a cabinet that protrudes at least 4 or 5 inches.


Wall – hung toilets have grown in popularity, and this happened for a good reason. They are very affordable and they help you save some space because the tank is hidden behind the wall. However, because of the fact how these toilets drain, if you change your mind and opt for a floor – mounted unit, you will have to rework the supply.

5.Bathroom windows

If done correctly, a shower window might be a nice addition to your bathroom. Choose a frosted glass panel for privacy and make sure that the window opens, so you have the possibility to have some fresh air. After all, if you’re adding a new window, it might as well be functional. Additionally, the sill should be sloped down and away from proper drainage. The best option might be a tilt – and – turn window, because the screen is located on the outside. Plastic handles are best, because they don’t rust from all the water and vapors in the shower. Lastly, this type of window provides privacy even when it’s tilted open.

6.Shower sills

Like the windows, it’s important that the shower sill is sloped properly into the shower. Solid materials, like quartz or stone are recommended. If you tile your shower curb, water can remain on the grout lines and eventually seep through the framing.

7.Bathroom floors

Larger tiles re more difficult to slope properly, unless you choose textured tiles and they will be slipperier because the grout lines are further apart. Smaller tiles are more attractive and it’s what’s usually used for bathroom floors. However, the options when it comes to floor tiles are limitless and it depends completely on your personal preferences.

8.Shower bases

Boring prefabricated shower bases or not the only options nowadays, as modern shower systems have a modern base, made out of materials such as porcelain and acrylic. It’s important to consider all kinds of options that are now available on the market.

9.Additional storage space

If you install a vanity with many drawers instead of doors, you can have additional storage space. Drawers offer easy access and it’s easier to organize all of your things. Even if they have drawers, vanities can be cut around the plumbing, or they can be larger to accommodate more things.

10.Choose your contractor wisely

You probably have your own vision of how your bathroom should look like. Choose a contractor that understands your bathroom remodeling plan and offers the best tips and solutions to make it happen.

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