bathroom flooring options

11 flooring options for your bathroom

With trends dedicated to bathroom remodeling projects becoming more and more creative, bathroom floors come in all styles and in all forms. Tile imitating hardwood, vinyl for a quick makeover or ultra-trendy cement tiles: it’s time to indulge yourself and make some bold choices despite the basic options that are often used for this space. Provided you don’t forget about the practical side! Usually being a moist environment, the bathroom requires a waterproof coating that is not porous and easy to maintain. Here’s a selection of bathroom flooring options to help you find inspiration for your home.

1.Mineral trends for the bathroom floor

With its natural stone appearance, this type of tile creates a luxurious bathroom where well-being dominates. From floor to ceiling, the cladding tiles that imitate minerals give a very charming and at the same time very modern look.

2.Marble can be very welcoming in the bathroom

Modern and luxurious, a bathroom covered in marble from floor-to-ceiling is one of the best options for an elegant style. Precious materials often create a strong impression, but the downside is that it can be very expensive to use marble, even if you limit yourself only to the floor.

3.Hardwood for a spacious bathroom

Sleek and elegant, wood brings its strong natural touch in a bathroom, especially if you have plenty of space to work with. Particularly for flooring, the wood needs to be chosen carefully and treated to not get any damage in a room where there’s plenty of moisture.

4.Black and white contrasts

When you don’t have much space in the bathroom, it can often become a challenge to choose something suitable for the floor. You should opt for a tried-and-tested combination, like large black and white tiles. For an ultra-contemporary bathroom, you can also choose different textures for the tiles, for example, matte white tiles and glossy black tiles.

5.Cement tiles for a rustic bathroom

If cement tiles are all the rage now when it comes to interior decorations, they can look very delicate in a rustic bathroom because of their porous appearance. Opt for a sandstone tile that mimics the style of cement without its constraints.

6.A warm floor in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the appearance of hardwood flooring becomes possible thanks to other materials, such as laminate. They allow you to add some warmth to the room –in terms of color and texture – while being easy to maintain.

7.Subtle patterns for the bathroom floor

With its minimalist Scandinavian look, a vinyl floor can be suitable for the bathroom and you can also opt for various patterns. Easy to install, it is also perfect for small budgets or for a quick renovation.

8.An elegant bathroom using tiles that imitate wood

Giving the impression of a wooden floor, this type of tile is both refined and elegant. The best part is that you have different color options, so you can play with various shades of brown or beige or even light gray, to create a modern and unique pattern in your bathroom.

9.Greens and blues to mimic water

On a green water background, tiles in different shades of green or blue can create a very soft and delicate look, that brings you back to the fluid movements of ocean waves. However, you should either choose the same colors for the walls or opt for something neutral.

10.Shades of gray

Easy to match with other elements in the bathroom, large gray tiles are perfect if you want to create the illusion of more space. If you opt for large concrete tiles, the raw touch of this material visually enlarges the bathroom and allows you to decorate however you want.

11.Pastel colors in a feminine bathroom

For a feminine bathroom, where you don’t want to have the same neutral colors, but you also don’t want to opt for dark colors or rough materials, you can create interesting patterns using small ceramic tiles, or tiles in pastel colors.

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