2022 Kitchen Trend Alert

2022 Kitchen Trend Alert

There’s a good reason why a lot of people refer to the kitchen as the heart of their homes. This is the only place in our houses that has witnessed a lot of things. From our parents’ effort in making our meals, the moments we share with our siblings as we eat our food, and the place where we tell our family all of our milestones and breakdowns.

It’s only natural to witness our kitchen change from a comfortable-looking place, to a place filled with stains and spillages. That’s why if you think your kitchen has suffered enough, you should consider remodeling your kitchen.

So, we have listed down the best new trends in 2022 that can help you choose how to remodel your kitchen to bring back its beauty and glow!

Double Islands

As we start to welcome guests and visitors to our homes again after the pandemic, it’s a great thing to have a separate space where you can prepare your food and entertain your guests at the same time without them being in a faraway room.

That’s why double islands continue to grow in popularity today. It’s the perfect design to have your guests and family members gather around on the other island where they can chat and gaze around as you prepare their meals on the other island while still being able to engage with them.

Vintage and Antiques

People are starting to love how vintage designs and antique decor are making their kitchens look warmer and more comfortable.

The best design that most people prefer to have are the farmhouse kitchen furniture in the form of scrubbed kitchen tables or dressers. They say that this kitchen trend will give your kitchen a new look and a brighter character.

Glass Partitions

A lot of homeowners are now considering the beauty glass partitions can give to their kitchens. They not only provide a great and minimalistic look to your home but they also split different spaces into two without compromising the lighting or the feeling of being together with other family members.

Some use glass partitions to split their kitchen and their living room so they can still see other family members on the other side of the house while preparing their meals.

Single Open Shelves

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of materials and objects placed in a kitchen. And with so much going on, we don’t want the risk of overloading the look of your kitchen, right? 

That’s why people are now loving the benefits and style of single-open shelving. They do not only provide storage for your kitchen materials but they also give your kitchen more space without limiting its design and colors.

The Best Remodeling Services

It’s always fun and beneficial to remodel your home once in a while, especially your kitchen area. If you are looking for an affordable kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia, PA, or a kitchen redesign in South Jersey, get in touch with us at Good Deal Remodeling so we can discuss how to make your home look more beautiful than it is today.