3 Kitchen Items That Complement a Butcher Block

3 Kitchen Items That Complement a Butcher Block

Butcher blocks are one of the most popular home countertop additions, and it is easy to see why they add so much value to a project. On top of giving you a safe and hygienic place to chop ingredients for your meal, they also serve as a focal piece that works with any kitchen theme ranging from farmhouse styles to sleek and modern looks. Once you’ve decided to add a butcher block to your cooking space, your next step is to pick out a few accents that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Use Hanging Pots for Decorative Storage

Pots and pans tend to take up tons of space, and there’s no need to fill your brand-new kitchen cabinets with so much clutter. Instead, you can use a hanging pot rack to store your favorite cookware while also using them as a burst of decoration. Hanging pot racks go perfectly over butcher blocks, especially those that are set up on an island. Putting a rack on your ceiling helps you to use every inch of vertical space in your kitchen, and you’ll look like a professional chef as you chop and prep your food.

Enhance the Aesthetics and Functionality With a Farmer Sink

Butcher blocks are known for blending functionality and beauty in kitchens, but they aren’t the only main feature that you can use to enhance the aesthetics. Kitchen makeovers in Montgomery County, PA also include options to add farmer sinks to your list of must-haves. Farmer sinks are typically deeper than traditional sinks, which gives you a place to wash off your meat-cutting utensils along with those oversized pots and pans that you’ll need to entertain a crowd. You’ll also love how it completes the overall farmhouse design, and you can choose from several colors that complement the surrounding countertop surfaces.

Carry Out The Theme With Copper Hardware Finishes

Sometimes, the smallest details make the biggest impact. A butcher block’s size makes it noticeable from the moment that someone walks in, and you’ll want to be careful to choose accents that don’t detract from its beauty. Copper hardware finishes are the perfect way to add that extra special something that people will notice without feeling overwhelmed. Some types of copper also have microbial properties, which is helpful if you need to open a door or cabinet beneath the butcher block as you prep the meat. The reddish-brown hue also warms up a kitchen, and you can choose hardware with special finishes that helps it to retain the color, or you can pick out unfinished handles and knobs that develop a patina over time.

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