5 Best Color Schemes That Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Best Color Schemes That Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

To make a relaxing bathroom that feels comfortable, you need to make it seem bigger than it is. Cramped bathrooms can cause feelings of irritation and discomfort. If expanding your bathroom is impossible, then there are a few tips you can use to make it feel bigger. One of those tips is to use certain colors. Here are the five best color schemes that can make your room look bigger.

1. Off-White

You can never go wrong with off-white paint. The bright color easily makes your bathroom appear bright and airy. You should consider using off-white paint with bright windows or lights. The combination can make your bathroom feel extremely larger than it is.

Natural light from your windows is the best option, but you can also get by with white lights.

2. Light Blue

If you prefer a bit of color in your bathroom, then you’ll want to choose shades in the light blue region. Not only are these shades modern, but they also make your bathroom feel airy and light. The light color reflects light rather than absorbing it. This gives the optical illusion that your bathroom is larger than it is.

You can even use light blue as an accent wall. Using an accent wall can help a room feel larger because it focuses your eye on it. It seems further away than the rest of the wall and expands the room.

3. Light Green

Another great shade that helps make a bathroom feel larger is light green. If you love earthy tones, then you may want to turn to light green. You can also use this shade for an accent wall.

An additional tip is to consider painting the wall trim of the room a lighter color. If your bathroom has trim, then using a lighter color on it can make the walls seem as though they’re further back.

This is another optical illusion that can make your bathroom seem larger.

4. Blush

Red can be a little controversial in a bathroom, but if you use an extremely light shade like blush, then it can look great. Blush works well for an accent wall or if used minimally. The light shade also helps to reflect the light and make the room larger than it is.

5. Earthly Ochre

A final color to consider is earthly ochre. This a variant of tan and can make bathrooms feel luxurious as well as bigger. You can couple other shades of color with a tan like gold or white to make your bathroom feel like it’s fit for royalty.

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