bathroom renovation styles

5 popular styles to choose for your bathroom renovation

Whether you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom, this can be a project that should always be taken seriously or left in the hands of experienced specialists in this filed. If you decide that it’s important that the room where you first come in the morning must look in a certain way and you don’t want to have a standard bathroom, you should consider that renovating the bathroom implies imagination, style and last but not least functionality.

From a visual point of view, we have to highlight some trends that are found in the current culture and which can be considered as a standard in which bathroom renovations fit.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house; it’s where you need to feel good. The light, neutral tones will always be the best choice for a bathroom if you want to increase its brightness and give the impression of larger space.

1.Minimalist style bathroom renovation

A current trend is minimalist bathrooms, with very little furniture, small, round or square bathroom items. The harmony between the elements, the unity of shapes and their light colors are the success factors for a minimalist bathroom. Choose shades of white, cream and light brown, and to break the monotony you can always put one or two brighter-colored items in the bathroom. In order to maintain the fluidity of the minimalist style, you can opt for bathroom furniture without handles, with a push-to-open feature or even better, a sliding system for cabinet doors that allow easy access and that don’t occupy space when they are opened.

2.Modern bathroom renovation

The space you relax after a full day has to be loaded with positive energy, it must be functional, airy and bright to create the well-being environment you need. A modern bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean a futuristic arrangement and over-the-top gadgets for sanitary items or batteries.

3.Romantic style bathroom renovation

A blend of classic and traditional, beyond the strictly functional aspect, the bathroom is an intimate space where relaxation and romance find a special place. A romantic-style bathroom will always remain your secret relaxing place. A romantic design means first of all to create the right atmosphere – a warm, peaceful and welcoming space.

How to get the romantic effect in your bathroom? First, through color. Neutral ceramic tiles will highlight the elegant line of sanitary items or carefully crafted furniture accessories. For added originality use several decoration plates of the same series in which the central elements are discrete floral details. And yet, not just the colors fit into the romantic design. With the same success, you can create a seductive space using strong and bold colors – burgundy hues, saturated blue, emerald green or an elegant lilac hue.

Of course, light is also important if you want to renovate your bathroom using a romantic-style approach. Use discrete light sources; textile lamps or lamps with classic vintage shapes. Don’t forget to add the wooden cabinets in light colors, with antique handles and some vintage accessories.

The surest way to absolute romance is the claw-foot bathtub set in the middle of the bathroom. Such a tub brings a touch of refinement to the bathroom and it’s the basis of any luxurious renovation. The tub is extremely comfortable for the back; you can relax by reading, sipping a glass of wine or just laying there after a tiring day. It’s elegant and comfortable, the most important qualities that such an object must have, which is the center of the bathroom, the focal point around which sanitary items and other furniture are rearranged.

4.Vintage style bathroom renovation

Retro or vintage-like items allow many possibilities when you plan to renovate your bathroom and infinite combinations in choosing the main objects that complement the bathroom space.

5.Classic style bathroom renovation

The good old classic style will always stay in style no matter what other trends come and go. Elements with antique patina, but always adapted to the present as well as having modern functionalities, these are the key features of a classic-style bathroom.

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