6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Add Value To Your Home

6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Add Value To Your Home

The ideal bathroom is different for everyone. While some people may love the opportunity to lounge in a deep soaker tub, others might prefer a spa shower with bench seats. When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to walk a delicate line between adding the features that you love while also including elements that add value if you decide to sell. These bathroom remodeling ideas can help you infuse usability with the versatility to create a design that appeals to everyone.

Get More Organized With a Custom Vanity

Just about everyone struggles with staying organized in the bathroom when there never seems to be enough places to stash bulky towels and hygiene products in a way that appears streamlined and stylish. Creating custom bathrooms in Bucks County often involves finding storage solutions that work for your unique lifestyle. From adding more drawers to your vanity to creating hidden spaces for storage, we’ll help you find the perfect organizational solution. 

Incorporate More Accessibility

An accessible bathroom does not have to look like one in a hospital. Instead, remodeling contractors can make subtle changes to increase accessibility in a bathroom, such as choosing the right height and style for the toilet. Tub-to-shower conversions are also popular ways to create a multigenerational space that retains the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Add Heated Flooring

Stepping onto a cold tile floor might seem unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Radiant-heated flooring is one of the final touches that you can add to your plans for bathroom remodeling in Cherry Hill that adds a serious wow factor. You’ll love the luxurious feeling that having a warm floor adds to your self-care time.

Give the Tile or Paint a Refresh

Similar to other rooms in your house, the walls in your bathroom are one of the most noticeable surfaces. Over time, tile gets dingy or cracked, which can detract from its appearance. Paint color trends change or the coating in your bathroom might be faded. Giving it a refresh is like an instant facelift for bathrooms that gives you fast results for improving the aesthetics.

Enhance the Lighting and General Ambiance

Today’s smart lighting makes it possible to create the atmosphere you want for prepping for your day or unwinding after a long one. Consider adding mood lighting or speakers to your shower to create a relaxing spa experience. Or, you might want to add wall sconces over your bathroom mirror to improve visibility for makeup application.

Expand to Create a Master Suite

Depending upon your home’s setup, it might only require a few minor changes to open up your bathroom to an adjoining closet. Or, you might want to move a wall to expand the bathroom’s size to accommodate an oversized tub. Either way, working with an experienced contractor can help you determine if this is an option for your home’s layout.

Work With a Remodeling Company That Makes Dreams Come True

Do you have big dreams of creating a perfect bathroom? Give our team a call today to work with a designer that can help you determine which changes to make to add more value to your home.