bathroom tiles

6 ideas for choosing the best tiles in your bathroom

One of the hardest decisions in bathroom remodeling is to select the tile for the bathroom. Therefore, here are some color combination, patterns and textures that might come in handy when you think about what model or what color you choose for tiles in your bathroom.

1.White and blue bathroom tiles

The easiest option for bathroom tiles is white. But most times, it’s best to choose an accent color for an all-white bathroom. In this case, you can use blue – suggesting peace and relaxation. You can, for example, to do an entire wall of blue tiles, or just choose some blue accents.

For more sophisticated interior bathrooms, you can choose a white – green mosaic for the floor, which will be filled with natural tiles in the same colors, but in different proportions. If the space allows it, opt for some olive curtains and a large bathtub.

2.White and red bathroom tiles

The white – black – red color combination is another suitable one for bathrooms. In this case, ceramic tiles are white – black and the elements that stand out while some red elements could be found in the faucets or some special wall stickers, that are water resistant and don’t get damaged from the damp environment.

In modern bathrooms, you can also use the combination of white and yellow. You can easily play with these colors: choose large sandstone tiles for floor and on for the wall uses the same tiles, interspersed with some yellow ones.

3.White and black, a classic combination

The classics never go old: a dynamic mosaic, black flooring combined with white walls and brown furniture may be the perfect alternative if you do not want to use tiles.

4.Natural accents in the bathroom

Nature is always an inspiration for interiors. For example, the tiles on the floor could have the natural texture of the ground and continue on the wall behind the toilet bowl. You can also add a planter with natural plants, an original element that can be integrated in any bathroom, as long as you have the necessary space for it.

5.Bathroom tiles for small bathrooms

There are also simpler interior baths, where nothing stands out, and the combination of brown and white seems to be the recipe for success for the bathroom. The space is small, but roomy for all sanitary. You can use a mosaic on the bathtub, which is the only decorative element that provides the personality of this space.

6.Create an elegant bathroom

Choose glossy tiles, with fancy inserts (wood, leather, glass etc.) to give the impression of a sumptuous interior. An elegant room can also be created by using porcelain tiles in various cream shades, with golden inserts.

Extra tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles

The market has a wide range of tiles with different models and possibilities of using different types of tiles in patterns (checkerboard mosaic, diamonds, lines etc.). When the color combinations are made, the base (background) should generally be a number of two, up to three colors, in order to avoid an annoying visual effect. It is also good to use complementary or contrasting colors: beige-brown, white and brick-red, blue and yellow etc.

Bathroom tiles also have different textures, with curbs, with relief or different applications. They help create custom designs according to your desire. For example, you may use a combination of a dark tiles at the bottom of the wall and light – colored tiles at the top, the two zones being separated by a “belt”. You can use a combination of tiles in different colors when you want to give the impression of a larger space than the real one. For example, placing the tiles in a diamond pattern gives the impression of increased space.

For small and narrow spaces, it’s preferred to use tiles in one color, with small, isolated bright “spots”, but still visible.

You probably have your own vision of how your bathroom should look like. Choose a contractor that understands your bathroom remodeling plan and offers the best tips and solutions to make it happen.

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