great bathroom remodeling ideas

6 ideas to help you improve your bathroom

You must admit it; the bathroom is the first room you visit in the morning and the one in the whole house where you shouldn’t give up on comfort, relaxation and privacy. However, the bathrooms are quite neglected compared to other rooms in the home for example, because they usually have a small space and do not present an extraordinary opportunity to be improved or renovated. At first glance, all you have to do is choose a wall and floor tile that you like, quality sanitary ware and … that’s it.

However, the bathroom, even the smallest one, can be improved and arranged so that you feel well, pampered and very comfortable, even if you spend just 15 minutes daily in it. Let’s review six bathroom remodeling ideas that will bring added convenience and aesthetics into your home.

1.Bring more light into the bathroom

Some bathrooms don’t even have a window, and those who do, barely allow natural light come through. However, things become simpler, because anytime you want, you can add a new window or a skylight, if you have the necessary space. Do not despair though, because your bathroom can be lit in warm, natural tones, if you add a few lamps in if you used an additional mirror (besides the one above the sink) so that light can radiate evenly and give a feeling of space. Light itself can become an object of decoration for a small bathroom.

2.Make your bathroom warm and welcoming

You know that unbearable feeling to sense under bare feet cold or wet tiles? Well, get rid of further discomfort, by installing a system of underfloor heating in the bathroom, or by using heating mats. The advantages of floor heating are multiple: the floor will not be cold and the bathroom itself will become a pleasant and relaxing space, without any radiators that occupy unnecessary space, leaving room for your imagination to “fill” the remaining free walls with ingenious storage solutions. Mats will provide the most pleasurable sensations during the use of the bathroom and they look very beautiful, becoming decorative objects on their own.

3.Invest in modern technologies

The infrastructure of bathrooms, where the building is new, is one of the biggest problems anyone who decides to opt for a bathroom remodeling has to face. A bathroom remodeling project should begin first with the change of pipes, installation of modern, durable equipment, replacement of all that is old and dysfunctional. However, you can make an extra step, choosing ecological technologies technologies, designed to reduce water and energy consumption. There are basins and special toilets that use less water, for example, but you can think “green” when opting for other elements as well, such as energy-saving bulbs.

4.Think long-term when it comes to tubs

The bathroom is not a space that you remodel annually, or at least it shouldn’t be. Most bathrooms are designed to look and work exactly the same for more than 20 years. The tub, although it’s preferred by most people will become increasingly more difficult to use once they age. High, slippery, narrow, uncomfortable, tubs are becoming a drag after a while. Some homeowners are opting for the elimination of the bathroom tub and building a shower space with either a bench or a cabin. If you have two bathrooms, the problem is solved, because the main bathroom can have a comfortable bath, while the other may have a modern shower. If the bathroom is large, you could have both solutions in the same space. It’s the type of project you should plan carefully beforehand.

5.Use a theme in your bathroom

As said before, many bathrooms look alike, perfectly functional, but lacking any element of aesthetics. If you really want to feel good, comfortable and pampered in your own bathroom, think about it in terms of interior design and add those elements that might create a theme or a particular atmosphere. A few well-placed wood elements, a cupboard and some hanging shelves and you could have a bathroom like those pictured in magazines. A chrome and glass design transforms the bathroom into a modern, cosmopolitan space. A combination of discrete red and white bamboo accessories, towels and assorted modern, minimalist faucets, could create the illusion of a Japanese-style bath. Adopt a style and use those accessories and additional items easily found in DIY stores to create a specific theme décor, an ambience that invites you to relaxation and privacy.

6.Create space where there is none

It’s a challenge, but one that is worth the effort. Installing an underfloor heating system eliminates unsightly radiators and pipes, extending the bathroom. Apart from this solution, think of some alternatives that you can make the bathroom seem less crowded, adding ingenious storage systems and matching the chosen style. A modern raffia basket or a box of rattan in a corner look great in your bathroom and can accommodate either dirty laundry or all cleaning and hygiene products. Open shelves, hanging baskets, corner shelves, and custom cupboards made to fit under the window or over the bathtub for example, all represent solutions and opportunities to make the bathroom look more spacious and much less crowded.

What bathroom remodeling projects do you have in mind? Do you have other ideas to remodel the bathroom? No matter how big or small, or how generous your budget is, Good Deal Remodeling will offer you the best solutions for a bathroom remodeling according to your wishes. Request your free estimate today!