basement remodeling ideas

7 ideas for a basement remodeling

The basement is usually the place where the holiday decorations, old clothes or things you don’t need any more are housed. But this space can be transformed into a functional room that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

First of all, you will have to deal with the proper isolation of the basement. The floor is very important as you will need to ask for advice from a specialist who will most likely recommend a waterproof one – rubber or tiles. You will also have to deal with the isolation and “hiding of the pipes” under false walls, or drywalls. Here are some ideas for arranging the cellar:

1.Family room

A boring basement can be transformed into the “heart” of the house. Bring in a sofa and a coffee table, a TV, video games, DVDs and other accessories and decorations to turn this room into one where you spend time with family. You will be able to keep the living room for entertaining guests without having to deal with the usual clutter that children leave behind.

Tip: To make the basement look brighter, opt for a light-colored, slightly glossy tile floor that reflects the light.

2.Home office

If you are accustomed to work at home and need only your own space for this, you can easily take advantage of the basement remodeling to turn it into your personal work space. With a minimal investment you can buy a desk, install some shelves and possibly a sofa.

Tip: Buy an electric or gas fireplace to give the room more brightness and to create more comfortable and welcoming environment.

3.Guest bedroom

You can turn your basement into a guest bedroom. Opt for white furniture to light up the room and use glass accessories. They add a modern touch, are easy to maintain and create the impression of an open space by reflecting the available light.

Tip: Even if you have very small windows, decorate them with curtains made of light, luminous materials. It will look more comfy and it will replicate the look of the master bedroom.

4.Play room

Every child and teenager dreams of having a playroom. You can bring joy to your children by arranging the basement according to their preferences. In addition to video games, make sure the kids have other types of games – cards, dice games, chess, etc. Toys can be placed in 2-3 wooden boxes. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy a play room. If you like video games, for example, you can set up everything you need in the basement. You can also store board games and other types of fun games in the basement to play with friends and family.

Tip: Establish a theme for the basement remodeling along with the little ones according to their preferences and interests: color schemes, favorite actors, sports etc.

5.Hobby room

If you or any member of your family has a hobby that requires more space – such as pane modeling, playing drums or making different craft projects, the basement can become a perfect place for this. You can store here all the tools and materials that you need for your hobby, without cluttering the rest of the house.

Tip: Use racks and lots of boxes to place your items, but avoid those made of cardboard, which give a “storage room” feeling. Opt for some made of the rattan or colorful plastic to make it more playful and fun.


Turn your basement into a socializing place with your friends, where you retire to serve a cocktails you make yourself or to taste a fine wine. You can opt for a wine bar, taking inspiration from old western movies or a more modern one with stools and neon lights.

Tip: Use spotlights with different intensity or some with different colors to create a strong or relaxing light, depending on your preference.

7.Fitness room

If you like to take care of your body but you don’t have the time to go to the gym, turn your basement into a private fitness room. Attach large mirrors on the walls and invest in some fitness apparel. Over time, the investment will be worth it, especially if the new fitness room is also used by the rest of the family.

Tip: Make sure you also install a TV so you don’t get bored while doing exercises. You can also get some training done using special DVDs.

No matter what your plans are for the fall, if you intend to have an extensive home remodeling project, to make an addition to your home or just to make some small changes, Good Deal Remodeling is here to help you. You can contact us to tell us about your remodeling plans and we will make sure to offer you the best solutions through our remodeling services.