ideas to gain space in your home

7 ideas to help you gain more space in your home

Small spaces, which seem cramped, are always a problem for homeowners. Oscillating between aesthetics and functionality, many of them don’t know how to arrange or rearrange their home interiors so they look more spacious, wider, full of light and air. Their luck is that interior design specialists have offer many solutions to such seemingly insurmountable problems.

  1. Walls painted in white or light pastel shades

A pale room can give a feeling of space and ventilation, especially if provided with some generous windows. However, the designers believe that a room painted in a sterile white gives a feeling of coldness and impersonality therefore, they recommend colors or wallpapers in light shades, modern, that are not visually overwhelming, but rather suggesting the idea of open space.

  1. Smart furniture placement

A minimalist style in the choice of furniture is an excellent idea when it comes to decorating a living room or a small bedroom. However, in practice, of course we need storage spaces, closets, cabinets and other furniture that should provide comfort for a family. Combining utility with pleasure, you can find numerous ideas or methods of placing the furniture in the most unconventional places. Cupboards, multifunctional modular furniture, shelves, spaces above the windows or doors, all represent opportunities to create ingenious storage spaces that don’t “steal” from the width of the room but on the contrary, contribute to it.

  1. Mirrors

If you ever visited some of the most famous French castles, then you know the effect of “infinite corridor” created using mirrors. Any living room, bedroom or bathroom, no matter how small, may benefit from one or more mirrors, with light reflected through the windows, giving a sensation of space, light and airiness.

  1. Contrasts and colors

White furniture, matched with pastel walls, white carpet and white curtains can all together create the illusion of a larger space in the house. But wouldn’t it be too much white everywhere? Interior designers suggest to create points of contrast that catch the eye and thrill without compromising the feeling of space. You can achieve this by adding colorful accessories around the room: sofa pillows, vases, picture frames, a tablecloth, lampshades, a painting. Also, painting one wall in a strong color, is a contrast that draws the eye and makes the room appear larger. You can use wall stickers, you can use modern, attractive wallpaper on just one wall, you can even arrange a vertical mini – garden including with plants and flowers along a wall for a fabulous effect.

  1. Ditch the radiators

Few people know how much space do radiators really take and how much space is unused under the windows, where they are usually placed. You can’t place even a decorative table in this space, you can’t place an office and you can’t even build a mini library with shelves hanging from the window to the floor. Experts recommend installing an underfloor heating system primarily for functional reasons. Underfloor heating ensures successful heating in the home during winter with total control of the temperature and duration. Such a system has aesthetic side effects. The free space obtained once the radiators are removed can be used in the most practical and original ways.

  1. Create spaces within other spaces

It may sound a bit futuristic, but let’s see what this is about. Primarily, it’s about creating an illusion. In the living room, for example, if you have a table with chairs, an office and a library, a couch and various other furniture, you can create a separate space for the table and chairs by placing them on a piece of carpet in a vivid color, bright, pastel or white in contrast with the surrounding room. This is how you can create a small island in the middle of a small room and the illusion of deep space and the existence of another smaller room in a bigger room. The same way you can “mark” the area for the couch / armchair or through an ingenious design of a wall, you can create a feeling of depth and open space in the area of the library and TV.

  1. Play with lights

From choosing curtains or shades, to the position of lamps, appliqués or other installations, the bright light game is a favorite part for interior designers. A corner brightly lit by a floor lamp can create the illusion of space, just like a transparent curtain doesn’t exceed the window’s width. Moreover, the color and brightness of light bulbs and lampshades can create spectacular effects without you being forced to change the entire furniture.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to gain more space in your home, but you can easily plan your own home remodeling project. We, at Good Deal Remodeling make it our purpose to ensure all our customers’ satisfaction. You just think about what you would like and we will provide the best solutions for your home remodeling project. Furthermore, you can request a free estimate to help you make the best decision.