living room renovation mistakes

8 common mistakes in living room renovations

Even if the rules are made to be broken, sometimes it’s better to respect them, especially when you want to create a space that should be beautiful and harmonious. And because the living room is the room where you spend most of your free time, but also the space in which you receive your guests, it’s good to know which are the most common mistakes in living room renovations.

It’s not just about matching a color scheme or having some nice accessories, so we lay down the most common mistakes people make when they decide to renovate the living room.

1.Having just one light source

It’s true that in the old days, almost no one would question that a pendant installed on the ceiling of the living room would provide the necessary brightness of this space. Few people believed it was necessary to have additional lighting sources.

Today, things have evolved and interior design is become one of the most discussed topics at chats with friends or coworkers. Even so, many forget that for creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere the living room needs, depending on the area and the brightness, not just a chandelier, but also a floor lamp, one or more wall lights and maybe a lamp or a few spots.

2.Dark – colored furniture in a living room with low ceiling

This mistake is often seen in apartments or homes with low ceilings. Specifically, it is about choosing furniture in dark colors to decorate spaces with low ceilings. And because we’re talking specifically about living rooms, well, in this case, if you don’t have a tall ceiling it’s better to avoid purchasing sofas, armchairs and libraries in dark colors. They will further shrink the available space. The solution, as you can tell, is having furniture in light colors.

3.Furniture with a seasonal design

Even if you want to have a home that’s always fashionable, it’s wrong to take in buying the furniture and decorations with a seasonal design that will go out of fashion in a very short time. It’s good, instead, to move towards elements which promise to be current after two, five or even ten years, so you don’t end up surrounded by things that remind you constantly they’re past their time and it will be increasingly difficult to match them with new accessories.

4.Wrong dimensions for carpets

Another mistake quite common in living room renovations is that of choosing a carpet under- or over-sized compared to the surface of the room and the amount of furniture inside it. Some people choose a large carpet, whose margins are squeezed unnecessarily under the furniture, covering parts of the pattern that attract them in purchasing it in the first place. Others choose small carpets that look ridiculous and funny in the middle of a large living room with too much floor left exposed.

Whether you choose the correct size for the carpet or give it up altogether, as some specialists in interior design say, while others say the empty floor of a living room is unappealing.

5.A sofa aligned against the wall

Some people consider that if the sofa is aligned against the wall, they gain more space in the living room. In fact, this arrangement emphasizes the shape of the room, without offering the comfort and warmth this room needs.

Don’t be afraid to put the sofa closer to the center of the room, as the living room will gain more perspective and will seem more lively.

6.Not having decorative pillows

Some people believe that decorative pillows are a fad, fleeting decorative whim. But it’s not true. These small fluffy accessories have the power to warm up the atmosphere of your living room, of the couch and tame the appearance and the entire decor. Don’t hesitate to use them, especially if you want to revive an older sofa.

7.Paintings hanging too low or too high

Even if you don’t have to take a special course to learn the proper mounting in height of wall paintings, many people hang them too high or too low, and this creates a visual disproportion. If it’s a single picture or even a group of 2-3 paintings that you want to fit in line, you should make sure that the middle of each piece is at a height of 60 inches above the floor. But if you want to compose a photo gallery of paintings arranged in two symmetrical rows, some above others, should you should fit them so that the gap between the two rows of paintings is at a height of 60 inches.

8.Having too many decorative plants

Having too many green plants in small pots in the living room decor is one of the most common mistakes. If you really want to get some fresh air in the living room, limit yourself to one or at most two large houseplants, placed strategically at key points of the room. The space will become more airy and pleasant to look at.

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