basement remodeling

Basement remodeling – how to make the best out of your space

Basements are often neglected rooms in a home, but they do offer a lot of valuable space that you can use as you wish, either turning your basement into a functional room or using it as a storage space. Some homeowners use the basement as a play space for kids, which is why they don’t care as much about the appearance of the room.

Over the last years, adults are more and more tempted to use the basement as an office, as an entertainment room or simply as a recreational space, which offers an escape from the noises of the outside world.

Basements often provide a lot of space that isn’t fully maximized, therefore it makes sense to invest into a proper basement remodeling to upgrade this room and turn it into something completely different. Having just a plain cement floor and a boring paint on the walls just doesn’t cut it anymore. The basement can become a both adult – friendly or child – friendly space, depending on your needs and what you intend to do with the available space.

A basement can easily be converted into a laundry room, a guest suite, an office, a workout room, a sauna, an entertainment room or a game room. Simply put, a basement can be considered a “fancy” room, not just a boring storage space.

If you consider a basement remodeling, here are some things that you should plan and discuss beforehand with your contractor:

What is the purpose of your basement?

Think about what you want your basement to be and what you intend to use it for. Do you want to have a place to watch football games with your friends, a workout room or a guest suite for relatives and friends that might come to visit? Do you need a space to use for all kinds of hobby activities? The possibilities are endless. However, when remodeling your basement, remember that you will still need some extra space for all kinds of mechanical systems or devices that you might store there.

Best lighting for your basement

Basements are usually dark rooms, so you want to make the most out of the natural light, which is why egress windows are a very good option. Egress windows are also mandatory according to the housing code, in case you want to have a bedroom there. You will still need plenty of electrical lights.

Ceiling cans are a good option, depending on the type of ceiling you have. Lighting can also be installed under bookshelves, in a bar area or through other alternatives that create a nice ambient lighting.

Basement ceiling

In older homes, remodeling the basement ceiling might be a tricky step, because they’re usually pretty low or they’re covered with cables and pipes. Suspended or drop ceilings were some of the most popular options, but they do take away a few inches from the ceiling height. Modern basements have drywall and plaster ceilings because they take up far less space and they look like the rest of your house, which creates a more “homey” atmosphere. The costs are similar in both cases, so it’s only a matter of personal preference.

Some homeowners like to leave their ceilings unfinished and paint all the pipes in a solid metal color, creating an industrial look. If you decide to opt for a suspended ceiling, there are modern, attractive tiles that mimic coffered or tin ceilings.

Basement flooring

For a colder climate, like the one in a basement, you should opt for laminate floors or wood floors, but some people also like to have carpets. Epoxy coating or tiles are the best solution for basements where moisture might be an issue.

Finishing touches

To create a harmonious design, it’s a good idea to choose hardware and trim that is similar with the rest of the house, but you can add some playful touches to brighten up the space, such as a reclaimed wood bar top or a chalkboard door.

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