bathroom remodeling in 5 steps

Bathroom remodeling in 5 easy steps

If you feel you need a change in your bathroom, then here are the most important steps you should consider, so that you can come up with an easy to follow bathroom remodeling plan.

Replacing old sanitary installations

If you had problems in the past with outdated facilities in the bathroom, then you know that unfortunate incidents can be repeated anytime. The most important step before any other changes is to call a plumber and revise the state of the pipes. Replace pipes where necessary to avoid any future problems. Make sure you use the right materials; in most specialized shops, you will find a selection of materials and items you need for the repair.

Neutral finishes

Choose finishes that amplify light shades present in the space. Go for functional variants in neutral tones that allow you to make small changes anytime you want. Give up on tile placed all over the walls. Ceramic tiles can be placed only in areas where it’s possible for the walls to become wet, such as around the bathtub or the shower and around the sink. Otherwise, you can use a special paint to paint the bathroom walls. In addition, you can add color using some bright accessories.

Modern sinks

For a modern bathroom, you should opt for a sink that is mounted on a countertop. You can choose a mask with drawers in which to store the products for daily use and the most used things in the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, try another option, using a suspended sink, which gives the impression of more space at floor level. Regarding the countertop, the most interesting material suggested by interior designers will surprise you: wood. Treated to withstand the moist environment of the bathroom, wood brings elegance and warmth to any bathroom. This is certainly an option to take into consideration, especially if want to have a more rustic bathroom.

Dividing walls

In the case of a small bathroom, the toilet and sink can both be near the bathtub or the shower. To avoid spraying water on these areas, choose a transparent secured glass partition panel (with a recommended thickness between 6 and 8 mm). In addition, it’s easier to clean and reflects any light source making it a very suitable choice for the bathroom. To lower costs, you can replace the secured glass wall with acrylic glass.

Optimal lighting

Not just for bathroom remodeling, but also for other remodeling projects, proper lighting is the key. It’s best to make use of natural light as much as possible and complement it with the best lighting fixtures.

Dimly lit spaces seem smaller and darker, attributes you don’t want for your bathroom. Therefore, give due importance to the lighting in the bathroom. Choose a neutral light, around 4500K (detail that you will find on any bulb packaging). The blighting fixtures embedded with a wide angle help create areas without shade. You need a minimum of two sources of lighting: a general one that illuminates the whole room and right near the mirror for good visibility. LED lighting can be a good option for bathrooms, because it lasts longer, even if at first it requires a significant investment.

Of course, these are just the basic ideas for a bathroom remodeling, but the options are limitless. You can create any space you want, combine design and functionality, make small changes or upgrade your bathroom entirely.

You just think about what you want to change in your bathroom or in your home, and the Good Deal Remodeling will take care of the rest. Our experienced team is specialized in bathroom remodeling, but you can also contact us for any other home remodeling project you have in mind.