bathroom renovation ideas

Bathroom renovation: alternative ideas for wall finishes

Bathroom renovation is a real challenge for most of us who live in houses that don’t have much space available.

Bathrooms are usually quite small and a standard format doesn’t allow us to innovate too much.  Considering this, let’s not forget the most accessible canvas that gives any room some extra space: the walls!

As beautiful as the collections of tiles they offer at specialty shops are, these finishes have become boring and too common, being found in the interior decoration of most residential kitchens and baths.

Alternative finishes for bathroom walls are many and equally effective, but they also bring a new aesthetic in the arrangement of this room. Here are several options worthy of consideration:

Washable paint

Washable paint, selected according to quality and durability, is the easiest solution for bathroom walls. With an affordable price, reduced time of application and the benefit that it can easily be refreshed, this paint is a safe choice. You can opt for classic colors or you can play with different visual effects.

Decorative stone

Decorative stone is another finish that, although quite common, it may be used in an innovative manner. The appearance of the tiles is essential. Instead of large tiles, carefully polished to provide an elegant finish, you can try a variation with a rough aspect. This fits into a modern interior and it can be mixed at floor level with smoother stone tiles, as well as with ceramic tiles or parquet. Limestone, granite, slate, even river fit perfectly in the bathroom.

Laminated wood

Resistant laminated wood is also ideal for wall cladding in the bathroom, to replace ordinary ceramic tiles. This finish is more suitable for a rustic home, or in a house where the overall aesthetic focuses on natural tones and materials. On the other hand, it offers many possibilities when it comes to décor items, because you can use a pop of color now and there.


Printed plexiglass is perfect for a modern décor, due to its texture and the unlimited possibilities in terms of choosing the printing pattern. This type of finish is waterproof and easy to remove, perfect for the bathroom walls. It also allows you to make use of your creativity by creating your own patterns, just like you would on a blank canvas. Imagination is your only limit.


Bathroom wallpaper is available on the market in different types, colors and patterns. Vinyl wallpaper, natural fibers or the appearance of marble are just some of the options. Nowadays, wallpaper is easy to apply and to remove an also easy to keep clean, even in a damp an moist environment, like the bathroom. There are affordable or luxurious options available on the market, so it’s up to you ho much you’re willing to spend on your bathroom renovation.

These are some of the finishes you can opt for in case you’re planning a bathroom renovation, but you have other things in mind, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional, to make sure you’re not throwing money out of the window and you achieve the desired result.

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