Bathroom remodeling with bathtub

Bathtub or shower cabin: which option is better for your bathroom?

Building a new bathroom or remodeling an old one puts you in a dilemma: to have a shower cabin in your bathroom or to stick with the old bathtub.

It is quite difficult to choose one of the options because you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Below we will try to help you to opt for one or even both variants presenting you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Shower cabin and no bathtub

For a small bathroom, in an apartment, a studio, or even in a house, it is a challenge to have it equipped with tub and shower. Most often, homeowners prefer a shower cabin with no bathtub. It was usual for older homes to have a bathtub installed, even if there wasn’t enough space and the tub occupied half of the bathroom, but they are clearly not very practical.

Replacing old bathtubs with a shower cabin automatically gives you more space, to add some cabinets for extra storage, or simply to have more room. The advantages of shower cabins are very clear. You won’t splash water all over the bathroom and you will no longer feel constrained by the small space when you enter the bathroom. Especially for the elders, a shower cabin is more practical, as they don’t need to struggle with getting in and out of the tub.

Shower cabins are practical and fit very well with the alert lifestyle of modern man. Although at first they were viewed with skepticism, new materials and technologies made the shower cabin become a practical and efficient way of bathing with a low water consumption. They don’t offer as much comfort as a bathtub, but shower cabins don’t have other major drawbacks in use.

Shower cabins are also relatively easy to maintain. If you have one with a small tub, you can clean it with detergents for fiberglass and plastic, and the walls with a glass cleaner.

Bathtub and no shower cabin

If you’re remodeling a bathroom in and old house, you might want to preserve its original appearance, especially if there are some architectural details or the overall style of the home. In that case, most homeowners opt for a bathtub, replacing the old one. The materials used for bathtubs range from iron, ceramic, acrylic, glass, brass and other alike. But the main disadvantage is that you might not always have enough space for a bathtub and you will sacrifice comfort in favor of design.

When we talk about bathtubs, we think about comfort and relaxation, setting up a small spa at home, enjoying the peace and quiet. These qualities can’t be matched by no shower cabin, no matter how modern it is. Regarding the disadvantages of bathtubs, they relate primarily to the space required, and the large amount of water they use. It is also likely that when you use them, you inevitably get some water on the bathroom floor. Another impractical aspect of the bathtub is keeping it clean, having a much larger area prone to soiling and scratching.

On the other hand, if a family with children opts for a bathroom remodeling, it’s best to have a bathtub, especially in the case of small children who need supervision during their bath time anyways.

In large homes where the bathroom is quite spacious it’s not a bad thing having both a bathtub and a shower cabin. Each option has its own advantages and you will certainly be able to enjoy them. Especially if you have more bathrooms, you can install a bathtub in the larger one, usually attached to the master bedroom, and a shower cabin in the guest bathroom.

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