attic renovation

Best tips for a budget-friendly attic renovation

When the family grows, or when children become teenagers and simply don’t want to live in the same room, your home becomes too small overnight. Those in this situation generally consider that the only solution is to move to a larger home. However, a much more advantageous option, in all respects, is to extend the current living space vertically and to capitalize on the potential of the attic by turning it into a multi-functional space.

If at this moment, the house floor looks devastating, maybe it’s time to step in and start a small renovation. Create a new room in your home. Whether it’s a guest room, a bedroom for the little one, a children’s playground, a home office or simply a leisure place, any type of function is more than welcome.

Take into account a few elements: if there is enough light, if any repairs are required and how you will warm up the new room during the winter season. To have light, integrate a new window into the roof. Insulate the inside walls and paint them in a uniform color. Avoid strong colors, as the ceiling will be quite low and you will always have a sense of claustrophobia. White is ideal, at most a cream or beige color. If there are beams already integrated into the ceiling, the better, the effect will be a special one.

Consider what type of floor suits best and which would be appropriate considering that there is another ceiling and another room beneath it. Choose something easy, a soft floor, as is traffic not very intense on this portion of the house. Choose large carpets for increased comfort, especially if the little ones will play often in this area.

For furniture, choose minimalistic items, to keep the space as airy as possible. Enjoy the new space created!

From the basic attic to the attic as a living space

In most homes, the attic is unused, its main role being for storage, despite the fact that, in order to turn it into a comfortable living space, it requires only a fraction of the purchase price of a larger home. Furthermore, by extending vertically, you can take advantage of new attic windows and accessories to create light-filled rooms throughout the year that help reduce the use of artificial lighting and create an optimal interior climate.

Basic rules for the attic renovation

1 – The attic renovation is an important project and the work involved takes time. It may take several weeks – months after designing the renovation plan, until it is finished, then the necessary activities to arrange the living space. Keep in mind that in some cases you may not be able to stay in the house while renovating the attic for security reasons during certain construction phases.

2 – Before you start renovating, you need to evaluate not only the state of the roof structure but also the foundation’s support capacity. To do this, you should seek the help of a specialist.

3 – Design your attic while thinking about the future! Stairs, windows, electrical cables and partitions should be carefully located to allow for further modifications, if necessary.

4 – Make a renovation cost estimate with the help of an expert to get a clear picture of expected spending. Thus, there will be no surprises during the works.

5 – Use quality construction materials. This is an important aspect, especially when it comes to thermal insulation and waterproofing materials. The warmth comfort in the attic as well as the lifetime of the attic windows are largely conditioned by them. The main elements of construction can be expensive if you replace them later and a lower quality product can cause serious problems in a few years.

Reduced budget compared to adding another floor

The allocated budget will be reasonable because the investments made in the attic renovation are lower than those needed to add another floor. With infrastructure and utilities, the cost of investments made in the renovation will drop significantly. Go on the existing structure; position the attic bathroom – if you add one – above the existing one, the drainage pipes and the hot and cold water – in the extension of the existing ones.

The economic benefits of an attic room – the space gained and the small investment – are added to the aesthetic benefits. Setting up a room in the attic is a way of getting closer to nature, contemplating it without doing any damage. Illuminated naturally by some large windows, the attic will contribute to the health of its occupants who will enjoy plenty of natural light, fresh air, energy and they will have a n overall positive mood.

No matter what your plans are, if you intend to have an extensive home remodeling project, to make an addition to your home or just to make some small changes, Good Deal Remodeling is here to help you. You can contact us to tell us about your remodeling plans and we will make sure to offer you the best solutions through our remodeling and renovation services.